Saturday, July 7, 2012

scrap housekeeping

i've been sewing and sewing leads too....scraps!  so a little housekeeping is in order.  must chop them up into usable pieces for future projects, some 2.5" squares, some 1.5" squares and some 1.5" strips.  the flower print is from my new pj shortie pants, can't have enough of those in the summer.  today it's back at the old viking for more work on the ocean waves.  and i've nearly finished the big applique block for the first JT2 section so now that i'm a full 3 months behind, i can start the next section.  **** got in a serious beach day yesterday and it couldn't have been more perfect.  not too hot, water warm for maine and a gentle breeze.  today it's cloudy and humid but hoping for more sunny days ahead.  clouds notwithstanding, it's a good day at the beach today also. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

i know, i know

teeny, tiny hexies are not my "thing" and i have thus far avoided this popular bandwagon but recently caved for my small quilt challenge group.  as you can see, i'm only making 12 little flowers for an october project.  i have definitely not been tempted by bonnie's gorgeous red/green project or anyone else's for that matter.  my chubby fingers do not lend themselves comfortably to working with such small pieces and i do find them, well, a bit boring.  regardless, it's a great portable project for the beach (today!) and at least i can say i tried them.  ****  aside from hexies, work is progressing on the last 2 blocks for JT2 first section, the amish ocean waves flimsy and the leaders/enders.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

for phoebe

last time phoebe and i played together, i noticed she wasn't quite her usually perky self.  her lacquer was a bit dull and i think i know why.  i saw her glance over at the old viking looking a bit pea green with was the sewing pad with pockets, i'm sure of it.  so i pulled out some scraps and made phoebe a pad of her very own, a bright, cheery, cushy-for-the-tushy with pockets for all kinds of necessaries.  after it was done, it got folded and put into her case.  next time we play she will be sewing in style.  makes a mom feel good when her children are happy for sure, even her sewing machine offspring.  wonder if the little brother feels left out now? 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

tax refund finish

the last tax refund purchase arrived yesterday.  clever hancock's, sent me a catalog and shortly thereafter a free shipping missive arrived at my inbox.  there was much more on my "want" list, but i opted out of all but these.  i have a wallhanging pattern that has been waiting on them, so now it can be started.  **** most of my tax refund went to paying for my vacation, some bills and a couple of needed things (suitcase, stainless flatware) and this gorgeous fabric.  each piece is 1/2 yard, so 3.5 new yards into the stash.  my last christmas-y purchase was last year so i've really tapered off.  autumn and christmas fabrics always call to me but of late i have mostly ignored the message.  it's now washed and dried and ready to use.  yeah, i'm in the "wash fabric" group. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the first wave

if you follow my blog religiously--and there are some who do--you might recall a post some time ago with a photo of ocean wave units.  well, i pulled out the instructions (instead of the photo) and found an easier way to put it together.  so i did a bit of ripping out and started over and this is the first block.  i love, love, love the colors and can't wait to see the top together.  since i hand quilt, i chose larger triangles making it easier to hand quilt when the time comes.  this makes a total of 4 bed size and 1 little amish style quilt i have in you see a trend here?  i think they have to be my all-time fave style to make and drool over and there will probably be more to come, at least small ones anyway. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

little quilt part deux

yes, i've been playing in the cotton crayola box again.  when i made the first little quilt from this pattern in civil war repros (photo a few posts ago), i got to thinking about doing it in solids.  though some of the colors might be a tad too bright to be strictly amish, i like it done with the solids nevertheless.  and the flash does make it appear brighter than it really is also.  **** no quilting on the pinwheel yesterday--too warm--but i did start applique on the last big block for JT2 and got some leaders/enders 9-patch squares done, a quick trip to joann's for half-price silk thread.  the machine is all set up for more ocean waves units too.  and today i've another sewing diversion that i'll show off later. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

it's july 1st...

and you know what that means....more just takes 2 blocks will be uploaded.  silly me, i've always shied away from block-of-the-month challenges, partly due to cost (the kit type), but partly because i was apprehensive about keeping up.  looks like my concern was spot on.  even so, the glass is half full here.  i've only one pieced block to finish and then the large applique block to do and i will have the first quarter section done.  then i can turn my attention to the next section, of which i already have 2 blocks done. *** with summer here and the beach calling, i don't get too stressed over quilting deadlines.  i am working diligently on the UFO list, though.  i've knocked of at least 7 this year and i've started a number of small quilts too.  my quilting focus this month is the pinwheel and just takes 2 and ocean waves and little quilts and retreat kits and.........