Saturday, October 8, 2016

unplanned hiatus

didn't mean to be away from my blog THIS long but it's been a very busy couple of weeks for lots of reasons, all routine in nature.   the first week of the month is always busy for me with my guild meetings, my volunteer commitments and household's when i do the bulk of grocery shopping and other miscellaneous errands (post office etc.) and was seriously derelict in laundry duties, so that took sewing time as well...did manage to get a few blocks done last weekend...

now that things have normalized, back sewing this morning starting with 365 blocks.  had to clear off a couple of vertical surfaces to get a clear deck for cutting etc.  have a bad habit of pulling out things to sew and then don't get at them so have to put them away again.   *** did visit a new-to-me shop up in gettysburg called "needle and thread fabrics." the shop also specializes in civil war re-enactment garments, but there was plenty of eye candy for any quilter.   and they have a good selection of sale fabrics for $5 py and under.  it's only about half hour from my home.   also got to see parts of the battlefield, which will revisit with mom when she comes next month.  caved and got a four quarter yards from the "freedom bound" line that followed me home.

lastly, another issue has been our gorgeous fall weather....after being inside for hot/hot, it's cooler, breezy and perfect for soaking up fresh air.  took car for a thorough cleaning inside and just soaked up that nice, comfy sunshine.  time for cider and apple crisp!