Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

last night was FNSI so i, of course, participated with enthusiasm.  this is what got accomplished.  i appliqued these 2 hexie flowers to background, worked on just takes 2 and also basted the edges of some petal pieces for the watermelon project.  i know...multitasking!  the hexies are for a gift that needs to get done.  the just takes 2 work was my vain attempt to try and get caught up and the petal pieces was just for a change of color.  i wish i could put everything away and just work on the JT2 but i have other priorities plus all those UFOs that need finishing.  just the sleeve and i can cross off the feathered star.  maybe i can get another done before the end of the month, since the stashbuster at-home retreat is coming up.  then i think i'm going to try and get one of those amish bed quilts done.  *** waiting on some shirting swap squares and i think i'm going to start the baskets too.  what delicious fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

new project idea

i've seen lots of project using this applique basket pattern all over blogland.  i did find the pattern in a book originally but hesitated to make a purchase for just this pattern.  i went googling and found the pattern online for free, so downloaded and reduced in size.  it'll make a delicious pattern for all my civil war fabrics.  it's a someday project and will make a good portable project as well.  ahh, soo many good ideas for all that lovely fabric!  ***** today?  day off and plans, of course.  and finally, a spell of sunny, warm days ahead.  hard to believe it is almost june, that most idyllic of months.  **** first today, though, is a sleeve and label to lop off another finish. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

whadda ya think?

went to joann's to get some polyester stuffing for a pincushion.  i couldn't believe i had absolutely NONE for this project.  they usually carry a small craft bag of stuffing but none in stock.  so, my only choice was this 2-pound, do you think i have enough for a pincushion here?  even though i did get it at half price, the problem (as always) is storing it in my already tight quarters.  i can't imagine how long it will take to use this up.  *** and today?  sew down the binding on the feathered star, sew on a label and a sleeve and call it done!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

design wall dud

i love the color combo in this wallhanging but i am not happy with the placement of the values...not one bit!  the center block has chrome yellow in the corners...that is the block but because of the value placement, the other blocks are nearly invisible.  it is 9 blocks total but they don't show.  so, will have to do some ripping and replacement to get the design effect i originally wanted.  good thing there's a stack of pieces already cut.  first, though, i need to finish the feathered star, and maybe do something else.  or maybe i'll put it aside and make it bigger someday...stay tuned.

Monday, May 14, 2012

binding begins

last evening after a wonderful mother's day, sat down and got the binding pinned on this feathered star.  so, most likely this week some time it'll be done!  then it'll be flying south to DD and DSIL for their anniversary.  i'm told there is a place waiting for it already.  **** for mother's day, my 2 local siblings and i had a wonderful breakfast with mom at a volunteer fire station near where bro #1 lives.  it was pure small town america but the food and company were excellent.  **** as mentioned, got a terrific greeting from DD and hubby; she chose a funny and loving card that made me chuckle and get misty, but then, her selection in cards is always letter perfect!