Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

recently i came across this gem from a grade-school budding georgia o'keefe and couldn't resist posting it today.  though Easter isn't really about bunnies, it reminds me of God's gift to me many years ago, one i still cherish as does her loving husband no doubt.  i'm working all day on Easter but there'll be a song in my heart, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today....Alleleuia!"  Blessings to you on this occasion that is special to many.


my apologies all around; the fabric i posted yesterday should have been attributed to bethany fuller, pattern name marguerite.  i did get a couple of pieces of mary koval's baltimore album but this one wasn't one of them.  regardless, it is really beautiful and i'm going to use it sparingly to hang onto it as long as i can. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

just plain lust...

that's right, lust.  i saw this fabric today and nearly drooled all over it.  i bought 1 yard but only because i was practicing self-restraint--and because i'm not really a red person.  but isn't it luscious?  it's a mary koval print from her baltimore album line.  yes i do have have plans for some of it, but the rest will just be around for whenever i need to bring it out and fondle and dream about using.  someday i'll probably wish i had gotten the rest of the bolt but today my budget definitely said no.  **** and where, you might ask, did i find this gorgeous fabric?  at cyndi black's Busy Thimble shop, of course,  packed to the rafters with bolts and bolts of every sort of reproduction fabric.  shelves are piled high and bolts are lined up on the floor so there's barely any space to walk.  with 3 other people there, like today, it was way overcrowded.  to see everything, one would definitely need at least a day or more.  i actually went in to see (and probably get) some of the new reds from Moda's Friendship line and they were there but not yet unwrapped.  then i saw the mary koval and couldn't leave it behind.  i also picked up another print from that line, but no more because i'm really not a red person at all.  well i wasn't before today anyway. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

12 little blocks....

waiting for the setting fabric, which i do not  currently have....i know, seems impossible but very true.  they aren't wonky either, just photographed at different angles.  i haven't been doing much machine sewing, rather concentrating on quilting the amish pinwheel.  i'm also almost done marking the feathered star wallhanging to baste before going back to work saturday.   these little blocks were assembled on phoebe and we've had a grand time getting acquainted with each other.  **** next up to sew on the machine is my little cheddar/bow tie piece; i've finally arrived at how to finish this off.  then it's my amish in the city top and must get back to "just takes 2" as i am fearfully behind on this.  maybe i'll tackle those BEFORE amish in the city.  ***** even with just the few hours i work every week, it does make a noticeable dent in my sewing time but i'm enjoying it just the same.  **** hoping we've seen the last of snow, but too early to feel totally sure.  it's been quite seasonable here, meaning nippy winds and sunshine.  now back to my 3-day weekend!