Monday, June 3, 2013

thank you jiminy cricket

i've known it for a long time and that quilting guru, bonnie hunter, showed me how to put it into practice...that of using up every scrap.  jiminy said to let your conscience be your guide and in all good conscience, i couldn't just toss the leftover triangles from the pie birds runner.  so, like every loyal scrap saver, deconstructed them and ended up with a small stack of 1.5" pieces for future use.  and remember those little flying geese from baby emma?  yep, those are getting saved as well and sewn together for something or other.  it really pumped up my frugal gene to see these in the trash NOT!  ****  sunday sewing consisted of some quilting, some machine sewing and prepping another portable project.  yes, i was sorely tempted to start a NEW project but instead opted for a long-ago started project.  *** oh, and that green background?  it's the top of the laptop, which belonged to my late ex.  he loved everything green and almost everything he bought or wore was green.  *** it's another day to enjoy and first up is vacuuming; yes, i will ENJOY vacuuming because then i can sew! 

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  1. I love creating from the bonus leftovers. Curious to see what you create with yours.
    And I will go try and enjoy the mountains of dishes still leftover from the dozen people we had for Sunday dinner--cause then I can sew, too! : )