Thursday, January 17, 2013

some nerve

another hancock's catalog arrived the other day...and while i was able to ignore nearly all the glossy fabric photos tempting me to order with wild abandon, this line is seriously calling to me.  it's "indigo crossings" and it should be obvious my favorite color is blue.  these are soooo nice and i want 1/2 yard of every one.  problem is, already have an indigo scrappy quilt in progress and am making fewer bed size quilts.  will have to ponder and think about what to do with it before taking the plunge. oh, and where to put it IF i do decide to add to the stash.  that's the real elephant in the room.  **** snow has finally stopped and we got about 4-5" total i think.  now comes the cold temps, to be expected in late january.  **** time off to be spent on just takes 2, houses and quilting autumn change.  that frees my mind to think about "indigo crossings".....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


but not really; a new exciting life awaits these scraps from the christmas wallhanging.  i realized after looking at it for some time that the pieces were too large to be a successful scrappy.  no matter, these pretty scraps will morph into other projects.  **** and just underneath the scraps are foundations for "just takes 2" which is coming along, now starting on the 3rd section.  this project plus a few more little houses are on the sewing table today.  for hand quilting, the autumn change is in the hoop.  it is a gift for someone special, so the sooner it's done, the sooner it's out of here and on to its new home.  **** woke up to snow again today; not much, but any that makes the roads messy is too much in my opinion.  good thing the days are slowly lengthening!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

the neatest thing!

found this pattern free online for an earbud case and except for buying the zipper, it was totally free!  keeps those pesky earbuds from tangling up when loose in the purse or tote bag.  **** sitting here listening to the foghorns blowing their mournful tones.  it's very foggy and warm, an extension of the january thaw.