Friday, November 28, 2014

final four

yep, cold outside--26 degrees--but inside the old viking is smokin!  first thing this morning fired up the machine and finished the last 4 blocks of my scrappy alphabet sew-along.  as expected, there is hardly a dent in the scrap basket but no matter, my frugal self is pumped up at making this entirely from stash on hand.  of course the backing will also come from stash and batting too, so it is a freebie of sorts...this will make an ideal gift for somebody someplace at some point, but for now it'll get finished (this year?  maybe) and set aside for the right time.  ***  laundry is going, breakfast is done and i'm working my way into the daily to do list and more quilting time on the amish center diamond.  creeping toward a finish very soon.  no shopping for me today at all.  rather spend time with mom and some delish turkey leftovers and the sewing machines.  hoping to get the wheel on trudy's cabinet at some point.  *** everything christmas is in full swing now; my list has been made and have done some gift acquiring.  it already looks like christmas outside; now to get out the music and enjoy the season! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

what it's about...

not pie or turkey or football or's about surviving the year, for enough to eat, for health and family, for anything in your life that evokes that sigh of relief or overwhelming gratefulness.  my list of thankful things is long, some are serious and important and others not at all.  cannot imagine how difficult life was in 1620, how awful that voyage must have place for the squeamish or laid back types.  it was all about survival, freedom, a journey's end, a new beginning....and of course, quilting!  happy thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2014

tiny slip

while decluttering some stuff that is boxed up, i found the orange stash for the modern quilt....have no idea where the book is, but took these out in case it too pun!   last friday the NH jaunt took me to Quilted Threads in Henniker, a lovely shop with 3 floors of goodies.  this gray/white by dear stella was among the sale goodies.  had found a small scrap of this at the keepsake sale last summer and so caved just a tiny bit and got more...i love it!  this plus 2 small pieces of kaffe fassett greens was all i got.  the stash added from my retreat is still holding me back from desiring more, at least until "union blues" hits in march.  by then hope to have used up a chunk of what is already here.   ***  it's monday again of a holiday week.  not much planned and no big family gathering, just me, mom and maybe sis if weather isn't awful.  foregoing the big bird for some fresh turkey parts plus a few sides.  it'll be a nice day even without the norman rockwell version, but the rest of the gang will be sorely missed.  ***  work continues on the amish center diamond and the binding is ready once the quilting is done...and work is the absolute wrong's pure fun!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

let's see....

pheasant, venison, geese, ducks, rabbits....100 people, 3 days of feasting....i should be back in time....found this photo in amongst stuff taken by DD eons ago at a school field trip to plimoth plantation.  since i trekked to the grocery this morning for our feast fixins, thought it would be an interesting parallel...and to make this quilty related, here is another beauty from the gerald roy exhibit...
this little quilt is pretty simple but look, the birds are actually storks!  no doubt somebody's choice for a tiny baby quilt...i actually think this might be a doll quilt but either way, it has survived beautifully...perhaps it was made for a baby who didn't survive as those never got used for other children.  hop on over to victoria's blog to see lots more of these beautiful the meantime, gotta get ready for quilt cam today, wahoooo!