Friday, June 17, 2016

the fabric corner....

out of sunlight but definitely within my view, the stash is now all together!   don't ask me why the bookcase i bought was a different one than the first, sheesh! and yes, it was supposed to be the same height, but there was a bit of a construction malfunction, so improvisation stepped in.  there are still 5 shelves albeit different heights.   but, happy to say ALL the fabric fits nicely.  i know, it isn't neat like those who use boards or specific folding methods, but really i just needed it in one place where i could easily pull fabric and be motivated to NOT this works!  and the bag of fabrics for the farmer's wife got emptied as well...a good thing!   now there is room for my full-size bed when it comes....  sadly, no room for the few books i have tucked away, but perhaps later can replace the short bookcase with one like the taller, or possibly create a space for the books....we'll see.   ***  whoosh!  another week has gone by just like that!   wasn't super busy but spent some time with daughter and SIL, volunteered some, and sewed a lot, which is on this afternoon's agenda.   and aside from a bit of housework, my weekend is free as well....365 here i come!  enjoy the day! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

not just flag day but....

this would have been my dad's 91st birthday so the day would have meaning for us even without its national significance....

he walked on earth a little while, a promise to fulfill;
but in our hearts thru peace and love, he walks among us still

my first block today is may 27th, so being on target for july1st is a very real possibility and good thing too, as farmer's wife blocks need attention as well.  *** first thing this morning sorting fabric piles as the 2nd bookcase arrives today and finally ALL fabric will be off the floor; hoping there is a tad of shelf space left for some books that are tucked away waiting for a it's just a bed, a desk and a chair and casa frederick will be complete!

Monday, June 13, 2016

design wall monday

bored yet?  hope not, just over 6 months left in this sew along....with each block i glance at the directions and groan, but methodically follow directions and when it's done, inspired to move on to the next block.

today starting on may 23rd block, so moving steadily closer to june's blocks....and have not bought one square inch of fabric yet for this sew along!  ***  another week starts and few things on the calendar.  weekend heat has abated and laundry is on tap for this morning, then free to sew...can hardly believe i am so fortunate in my richness of available time!