Saturday, January 1, 2011

first finish and thank you!

last night i didn't want to choose something from my UFO list, so i pulled out a pattern and whipped up this little doo-dad. it's a sewing machine mat with pockets! i used a rebecca barker print i bought in lancaster plus some scraps and finished it this morning. great for those notion items i like to keep at hand but don't all fit on the table OR, more likely, get covered over by projects on which i'm working. not my idea but a goodie. ***** thank you to the invisible computer guru who cleaned that hideous rogue software off the computer. ****** it's a balmy day in maine with sun shining! today's the day for clearing the decks, taking down the tree and other christmas decorations, cleaning up the apartment, enjoying our annual treat of a roast beast dinner and just plain relaxing. i got my laundry all done yesterday in anticipation of a busy day. no resolutions but goals, plans and etc. for what i hope to do this coming year. as always, my wish is for good health for me and my family, prosperity, help for those in need, time for fun and staying focused on what is really important amidst all the distractions. that about covers everything......

Friday, December 31, 2010

tale of two finishes

two exciting finishes to report today. first, i finished up a christmas tablerunner i started a month or so ago. it was imperative that this item not become a UFO and added to my list, so early this morning i got up and finished the binding. next, the butterfly quilt is completed! i finished the actual sewing yesterday and then washed it. this morning it was dry so it got its picture taken to post here. this pattern was a special request from DD and is the wedding quilt for she and DSIL. i am thrilled it is completed. this was my third hand-quilted quilt to be completed this year, the other 2 being the double wedding ring and the blue/white pyramids. that's a lot of quilting, especiallly since i worked full time until just recently. i am pretty satisifed with what i completed this year; my UFO list is down from 24 to 20 because i started a few new projects this year and unearthed a couple that were packed away as well. now i can relax today and formulate my plan for the list and what gets completed next. i'm also planning a re-org and revamp of my bedroom/quilty space to find a bit more surface area on which to iron, etc. ****** little brother machine came home from the 'hospital' in the new sewing trolley. all set for another quilty road trip!

Monday, December 27, 2010

a real grinch

some complete brainless idiot posted a link in a message to my online quilter's group and now my computer is a complete mess. i hope they slip on the ice and break their neck. for some mysterious reason, there are those whose brains are complete mush who think the internet is a license to snoop and then destroy people's lives. i cannot delete this horrible program they uploaded to my computer without paying a "ransom" of $79.95. i hope they are patient because it will be a blizzard in hell before i knuckle under to them and their extortion tactics. i only hope the technogremlins will create havoc on their computer like they have done to mine. in the meantime, i'm praying that my computer will get fixed so i can continue computing with my boring quilty stuff and job hunting. no doubt they got coal in their stocking this year......

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a merry christmas indeed!

since i can remember, we've always had our tree and a family celebration on christmas eve; this year was no different. we were missing a few people but had a wonderful evening. santa was good to us all. we had our traditional clam chowder with salad, shrimp dip and chips, christmas cookies and this year a blueberry pie was added. due to work schedules, it was just me and mom on christmas day so we opted for takeout chinese instead of cooking and cleaning. i had toyed with the idea of traveling to maryland to be with DD and DSIL but glad i didn't as we are in the midst of a HUGE blizzard that will put everything to a standstill for a day or so. we are thankful to be warm with enough food to last the duration, as are our family members. i pray for those who are not that fortunate. ***** i'm sewing down the binding on the butterfly quilt now and it will be completely done in a day or so, making me quite happy indeed. then i get to do something different for a change. 2011 is looming and my UFO list must be tackled straight away.