Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a quilter's must have

that would be a design wall.  these fabrics are gorgeous, it's true, and i love the chrome yellow but it doesn't work in THAT place in THIS square, so tomorrow it'll get replaced.  i am trying to stick to mostly dark fabrics for this piece with a few lights thrown in here and there.  this will be "pie birds tablerunner," a kim diehl pattern.  there are 7 squares total, and the other 5 are almost done.  it's this week's piecing project and will empty a shoebox, which is the goal.  once all the squares are done and up on the wall, i may have to replace a few more, we'll see.  my design wall is quite rudimentary, a piece of flannel hung on a door, but it works.  i would love to have wall space for one, but there just isn't.  **** gray, cloudy, misty and dreary day outside but a sewing day inside is a good day, don't you agree?


  1. Dreary days are great for sewing--a sewing day always seems sunny.
    I LOVE this Kim D. project! I bought the book just because of that runner on the cover, and I have the Kim D. notecard pack--I pulled out the card of this runner and pinned it to the edge of my design wall. I think your version looks wonderful. I don't even think you need to change the fabric you mentioned, but, if it floats your boat, do it! : )

  2. As usual Grace another stunning project, I am still in a little of a sewing rut, hoping to come out of it soon.

  3. Wow, how did I miss seeing these gorgeous blocks before this? They just ooze quaintness and I love them!