Saturday, August 18, 2012

10 little...

packets of teeny, tiny HSTs all ready to go, so i guess friday night sew-in was a rousing success. also spent time on a kit i want to take with me on retreat.  i am vacillating between taking 3 or 4 projects to do.  one is a small project, so no problem getting that one to the flimsy stage.  the 2nd is the kit and i can probably get that one to a flimsy too.  the 3rd is the civil war diary, not sure how far i can get on that one.  i have another i want to start but probably won't have time for that one, save it for a later date, even though i'm tempted.  the hawaiian is also going with me for when i want to just sit and applique.  *** since it's past august 15th, can go and download the latest installment of "just takes 2" as once my kits are ready to go, i simply must go back to that.   

Friday, August 17, 2012

friday night sew in!

for friday night sew in, planning to finish these little swap HSTs.  need 100 in all and they take hardly any time at all to assemble.  then i can bag 'em up, label and put aside until they need to be sent.  **** luscious day here in southern maine; warm, dry and breezy.  can't believe september is 2 weeks from tomorrow.  **** been quilting on the amish pinwheel the past few evenings trying to get another finish in, though i doubt it will be done this month.  possible i might get this one and another done before retreat, we'll see.  *** on a more projecting note, is anyone thinking christmas yet? 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a prize!

my prize arrived from "a sentimental quilter" yesterday.  a free stencil for my little quilts and a bonus stencil too!  a catalog was included, of course, but i don't really have the need for any other stencils right now.  this is a great company for quilting stencils; i did get a few from them last's "the stencil company" and they carry a voluminous amount of stencils for quilting purposes.  i recommend them highly.  *** a few chores this morning and then maybe some sewing time.  august half over?  can't be...can it?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

another finish!

just this morning while lounging at the beach, i finished the binding on this little piece.  this pattern is bonnie hunter's super fast pieced bow ties that i made with blue and cheddar and titled "blue cheese," added a narrow border, then some tiny HSTs and finally the striped border cut on the diagonal.  i really like how it turned out.  *** yes, today was our second day at the beach.  we lucked out and got 2 great days in a row.  with summer whizzing by, gotta take advantage of every good day.  not that i don't like the beach all the time, and often go during the winter as well, i can't always swim.  yesterday the water was nearly like bath water and this morning the weatherman said it was 70 degrees, which i don't doubt.  the only drawback is that warmer waters bring much more icky seaweed, but it's still nice to me anyway. **** on the sewing front, next up is another small piece to quilt before going back to bed-size pieces.  my swaps all got mailed on time, so now just wait until they get swapped out and i find a squishie in my mailbox of different fabrics. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

ready to mail

all ready for the postman today are the august swaps.  scrappy nickels and brown strips are on their way in the nick of time.  i had hoped to finish the 100 HSTs but have been busy quilting instead.  only so many hours in the day, you know.