Saturday, October 6, 2012


i almost think october is my very favorite month.  this month on my calendar is work by kim diehl, someone whose applique work i greatly admire.  so much so, that next year's calendar IS a kim diehl calendar.  it's a worthy example to which i aspire each and every time i sit down to applique.  ***  cool and sunny here today after an unsettled, rainy and cloudy week.  more quilting on the pinwheel as well as a final must do list for the month.  it is a real fall day, the kind everyone thinks of when fall is mentioned.  *** off to run a couple of quick errands this morning and then back to quilting the pinwheel!   

Thursday, October 4, 2012

green tomato pickles

though canning is not on my top 10 list of fun things to do, i decided to try my hand at some green tomato pickles.  these were always on the table at my grandmother and great-grandmothers' houses and they are very quick to make..a pre-requisite for me.  simple, simple, just slice 'em up, soak overnight, cook for half an hour and then spoon into sterilized jars.  easy, peasy and done in a flash.  i did put some cut-up peppers in the freezer, some corn fritters and also some stuffed peppers...all for later.  our freezer space is minuscule, so difficult to freeze too much.  last will be some zucchini bread.  **** day off today so spent a rich 2 hours this morning just good is that?  **** cloudy, rainy and cool today, so inside chores are on the list, more trip prep too!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

baskets so far

so this is the little basket project so far.  as you can see, i've 1 more little basket to make and then head for the repro stash looking for something for those setting triangles.  i'll probably rearrange them as well, once i finish the last one.  i've also nearly finished another of those red applique blocks too.  **** the october little quilt project is the hexie flowers but i am spending most of my sewing time quilting on the pinwheel.  to get that to the binding stage before retreat would be great, but not critical.  i think i can get the pinwheel done plus quilt another before the end of the year.  i've got 2 basted that are a bit smaller earmarked as whenever gifts that are next in line for quilting.  *** cloudy but warm for early october.  no matter, today is my friday--off to get busy!

Monday, October 1, 2012

sewing month wrapup

no, i didn't finish quilting my quilt in september but i did make great progress.  i've still 3 weeks before i go so maybe yet....and thank you, bonnie, for this challenge!  *** home from work watching "dancing" and chillin' out! 

fair quilts

two photos of the quilts that were hanging at the fair yesterday.  it was raining as we started out, but our spirits were not dampened.  took my pinwheel quilt and got quite a bit done, even though i was "working" as ambassador for the studio.  because of the rain, the outdoor entertainment was brought inside, so we got to enjoy it up close and personal.  after a "must have" fair food treat, we trekked back to maine under cloudy but dry skies.  *** october is finally here and retreat readiness goes into high gear.  still lots to do but lists are fine tuned!