Saturday, July 28, 2012

a finish!

i finished binding my batik pinwheel runner yesterday.  the photo was taken vertical so ignore the background.  i have one more of these pinwheel runners to quilt and bind, good olympic watching work.  **** just back from maine quilts and i am so overwhelmed due to the many, many beautiful quilts.  i did take some photos but have to sort them out and will certainly post.  i took a half-day class in hand quilting to get some pointers from an expert and i wasn't disappointed.  one thing that caused some dismay is the lack of crowds, not sure if i just missed them or if the turnout was indeed lower than in previous years.  and i came away with only one-half yard of fabric for a planned project.  with lancaster firmly in my mind, i am formulating my list for october instead.  summer is 2/3rds over and no doubt the rest will fly by as well.  last year we had good weather right thru november and we'll take that again this year too. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

paid in plaids

yesterday evening was the opening reception of maine quilts for 2012.  this is the first time i have attended, despite going to the show many times.  since i was going up to augusta anyway, i volunteered to pick up a teacher at the airport and transport her to the show.  saves someone having to drive down to portland--60+ miles--and then back.  as a volunteer i received 2 FQs donated by marden's.  last year i drove a teacher back at the end of the show and the selection was pretty poor (yes, i did use that heinous blue rick-rack print) but this year i got to choose from the entire collection and found these luscious plaids without having to deconstruct any shirts!  i've got plans for each already.  the star print was in my tote bag.  i think that'll make a cute baby quilt with some black/white checkerboards in the border.  it's going to be a rainy weekend, so perhaps attendance will be higher than normal.  **** i've got my handwork projects lined up for olympic watching the next few weeks.  first up is to bind the batik runner and revise that UFO list.  but miscellaneous tasks are calling....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

little quilt progress

so far so good.  if you look close, you can see one of the shirtings i got last week when visiting victoria in NH, so i do use it up...eventually!  the great thing about these little quilts is they whip up so fast.  maybe tomorrow i'll get this assembled with borders ready to baste.  and what could be better than indigo anyway?  ***** severe thunderstorms are in the area so my computer time will be brief.  and is august a mere one week away?  i do believe so, along with another birthday which makes me very happy.  i love birthdays...the more the merrier!  **** my tablerunner is ready to bind, plus i've started quilting the 2nd.  these are the pinwheel tablerunners i assembled some time ago.  i'm also still doing some applique on a summer-y piece that remains to be seen.  also working on some kits for retreat, which is less than 3 months from now.  in the meantime, chowing down on mass quantities of fresh veggies, mmm mmm good!

Monday, July 23, 2012

12 hexie flowers

got 'em all done!  they are all ready for october's little quilt challenge; kinda cute too!  but on to the next project, which is finish quilting a tablerunner and prep some hourglass units for THIS month's little quilt.  one of the shirtings i got last week will be used for the background.  i'm also working on ocean wave units, hoping to use up more solids before october's trip to Lancaster.  **** can't tell you how enjoyable it is to get up a day after being at the beach and have no sunburn, no pain, no misery.  for years i tried to get that coppertone tan, never realizing that with my skin type it was never going to happen.  finally, i gave up and succumbed to hats, sunscreen, shirts and long pants if necessary to avoid sunburn.  i enjoy the beach just as much, if not more, only i no longer care how silly i might look with various modes of coverup.  **** so, off to jot down a few "must do" tasks and goals for the week. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

beach day

yeah, this was my view until about 1 pm today when it got too windy to really enjoy flying sand.  didn't even put up our umbrella, but while it lasted it was really nice.  the water was warm and wavy due to incoming tide.  brought my sewing but because of wind, was impossible to even thread a needle.  no matter, it was a truly relaxing time.  a short stop for ice cream--chocolate truffle raspberry--and then back to the complex for shower, shampoo and siesta!