Thursday, May 23, 2013

just takes....another

first, thanks for all the lovely comments on my hand quilting and other projects.  i don't reply to each out of time constraints, but they are sooo appreciated!  ****  though not trimmed to size yet, it's another block for "just takes 2" project.  thinking i should put this project on my summer list as well.  the shoebox of browns has been sitting on my ironing station for way too long and would be fantastic to empty another for more (gulp) fabric storage.  **** it's yet another cloudy/dreary weather day here in coastal maine but we do believe summer will come yet.  in fact, yesterday got my shortie summer haircut so now it has to arrive, doesn't it?  ****  my weekend starts now and i've a bit of a to-do list that needs polishing off, but sewing is definitely on it.  would like to work more on the border for my amish center diamond, but all this humid weather would cause my disappearing pen marks to....well, disappear, so it's on hold for a much less humid day.  and now to the list! 


  1. Are you getting anywhere close to the finish of your JT2? I love your brown version.
    Humidity is not something we deal with much here in the high desert valleys. I hadn't considered what it could do to your markings. Interesting. : )

  2. After weeks of mostly fabulous weather we are back to stormy, rainy and cold. Perfect weather for staying inside to sew!

  3. You know - emptying a box really doesn't help. It just fills up again so much faster than it is emptied. I know my scraps breed when I'm not looking. I wish they would teach the cash in my wallet to do the same thing!