Friday, November 2, 2012

a super scrappy

this is cheryl's 1000 (or is it 2000?) patch scrappy quilt.  start with 2" squares for the big blocks, then a narrow white border and then a border of more squares, then put the squares together with narrow white sashing.  you know i LOVE scrappy quilts and this one is no exception.  my postage stamp quilt is similar but not exactly like this.  i think her blocks are 10 x 10 and my postage stamps are 16 x 16.  i never met a quilter who didn't have scraps and this is a perfect way to use them.  can't wait to see it done!  ****  the binding on the scrappy pinwheel is nearly finished and i've another small UFO that is halfway done as well.  so these 2 should definitely be done before the end of november.  that gives me 3 weeks in december to hopefully finish the border on the center diamond.  as mentioned, i've reserved the week between christmas and new year's for "just takes 2" to see what i can get done on that. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

hello november!

this photo was taken at the people's place museum in bird-in-hand where the jo morton quilts are also on view.  amish quilts were the pied piper that lured me into quilting and i love them still today, even more i think.  **** i am busy sewing on the binding on my scrappy pinwheel and next up is the last border on my own center diamond quilt.  ****  with november comes the reality that snow could come anytime.  not a welcoming prospect to many.  adding to that insult, the tolls on the turnpike have gone up again today.  i drove from here to lancaster and paid more tolls in maine than the rest of the trip combined even before the increase.  revolting!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

treat from retreat

so this is the finished batik top made from scraps from a pineapple blossom quilt made last year.  i think it looks like a kaleidoscope with all the angular bright colors.  now to pull out the papers and get it basted.  wish i could say i used up all the scraps in that bag but not quite.  it'll just be saved for when there are more batik scraps.  might make a series of them as the quantity of scraps permit.  and to think there was a time when i wasn't enamored with batik fabrics....go figure! now, however, i am a true believer.  **** hoping all those affected by sandy will get back to normal soon.  judging from the images on TV, it could be a while. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

last one, i promise....

fabric photo, that is.  picked this up at a shop where the owner offered our group a special price on selected FQ bundles.  i chose this one because it had the largest number of FQs....25....and because it included some "mod" fabrics that i've seen used and wanted to try.  there are some repeats but no matter, i've got some ideas for some of them already and whatever i don't use will get chopped up into squares or bricks.  remember, if it's still ugly, it hasn't been cut small enough! **** we sailed through sandy with no damage at all and only a flicker of the electricity.  so many of my friends were in harm's way and at the least have no power this morning.  also thinking of my own dear children in maryland this morning.  and my biggest problem so far was that i had to cook my own breakfast for a change.  i do feel blessed and pray for those who are facing challenges today.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

thank you, sandy!

don't get me wrong, i completely sympathize with those whose lives get disrupted and upended by storms like this, but it helped me tremendously in that traveling today was much easier without usual traffic numbers.  i came sailing through hartford with hardly any cars at all to be seen.  all the way north to good ol' maine, the roads were less traveled by hordes, which made driving in the nearly gale force winds easier than it would have been.  maybe, just maybe, we can squeak by halloween without snow, you think?  wouldn't bother me a bit.  i can wait.