Saturday, October 17, 2015

honest to pete...

these little hexies DO work up pretty fast....have spent very little time yet here are almost 6 rosettes done.  easy to see that a large quilt is pretty possible if one has large amounts of dedicated time to hand sew. 

today more papers will get cut up; confess to pulling magazine cards in the store and tucking them into my purse...could have purchased them all die cut but am perfectly capable of doing my own and it does save the cash of course....and don't you love this photo?  it's a favorite place, pemaquid point, taken by somebody else, already on the computer from someplace, looks like early fall at nearly dusk.....gorgeous!

and today's list?  includes sewing down the little hearts that have been basted in their final configuration, more papers for hexies of course, maybe the "coral" block....and just might pull out the mod spools, get that marked and start nice to have a finish of some sort.  over at stashbusters, am again paying a FQ penalty for no finish this quarter...thankfully the stash can spare another off to spend another glorious day!

Friday, October 16, 2015

old man no more....

on such a fine day--sunny, warmish, slight breeze--ventured west to new hampshire to visit the former home of the old man of the mountain.   sadly, his face fell off some years back, but the mountain remains albeit a tad altered.  this is a zoom photo of said mountain straight ahead at 12 o'clock and the vibrant foliage colors around (photo a bit too bright from reality).  it was a leisurely, all day drive through little towns similarly adorned.  a cheapo lunch at subway on the patio--yes, it was THAT warm--and moseyed back to maine.   with snow predicted for the northern maine mountains any day, probably the old man will get hit by a month's time.  the marigolds have breathed their last, so summer is really done.  every good day from now on is a gift, in fact, every DAY is a gift, but better without snow. 

more hexies in the works--yowza!  they work up quickly...and a coral block to sew up today.  it's another good day AND a sunny, warmish one besides.  great day to sew, doncha know!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

thursday's stars...

the latest batch of completed 2 are cadet blue, bottom left is a chocolate/blue combo and bottom right is my version of celestial using what looks like crescent moon fabric.  don't have the iron with me so they aren't yet pressed but they are done.   also finished is the "belle" block for the FWS with "coral" posted yesterday and waiting to be done.  the hexies are coming along nicely; last night once again prepped papers and fabrics for more hexie sewing fun.  *** enjoying a gorgeous autumn foliage fest here in new england.....bonnie and vic have posted beautiful pix and it is just exactly like that. it's the only time of year where the interstate is fun to drive.  temps are cooling after a few days of nice warmth.....predict more sewing in the cold days ahead!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

then there were 2....

and pretty soon, they DO work up pretty quickly.   my busy box needs more papers, so that is tonight's task. 

and i can see there is a tad of a learning curve, being that the papers MUST all be the exact same size, which is not the case for the 2nd rosette.  i left it, chalking it up to experience and giving it that authentic pioneer scrappy look.  it is hardly noticeable, tho....and did i say this was going to be a small version of this beauty?  like the hawaiian technique, could get carried away and keep  on going until whenever.  ***  next few days will be dedicated to block sewing...."belle" for FWS and whatever tomorrow's stars will quilting but having absolutely NO effect on my humongous UFO list, first being my hawaiian quilt that'll hopefully get done in time for winter.  in the meantime, will keep on keeping on and enjoy the new england fall beauty, which is spectacular! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

finally caved....

into the world of hexies...all it took was a project that wowed me and a way to conquer the short, chunky fingers handicap.  barbara brackman posted a photo of a beautiful antique quilt, the 1861 healy quilt, and right away went to inklingo, printed out hexie patterns, cut up a bunch of papers and pulled some fabrics.  my first attempt was hexies that were really too large for this small quilt project so back to the drawing board, tried smaller ones and they worked out perfect.  am only going to make it large enough to get the full pattern effect.  past hexie efforts were abandoned due to difficulties maneuvering the tiny pieces, but found that was probably cutting my fabric units too small, resulting in war with papers and enough fold over fabric.  now finding that fabric pieces cut a tad larger are working up easier and actually fun! ok, so now i get it!  sunday's project was to fill my busy box with papers and fabrics for the immediate future and maybe beyond.   here is my first "flower" if you will, and am pretty pleased with the process AND the outcome.

first of many that'll get done whenever.... so another UFO to add to the list for 2016, a list that is already groaning from sheer volume.  mega-fun ahead indeed!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

let's celebrate!

to all my daughter sisters out there, it's a day of celebration and remembrance of our patriot ancestors who died securing freedom from tyranny!   my own revolutionary ancestor, one of several, capt. joel whitney of machias, maine, fought in several battles, most notable the battle of the margaretta, which is also known as the lexington of sea battle.  he was the husband of mary weston, who was the sister of hannah weston.  hannah remembered for ferrying much-needed ammunition to soldiers and for collecting lead items to melt down for ammunition.  these, plus vets from civil war, WWI, war of 1812 and WWII all make me proud to be recognized as the daughter and descendant of so many brave who sacrificed much.   and how to celebrate????

bounty from the sea, of course!  again our favorite lobsterman has provided us with a delicious repast at a fair price--culls but no matter, it's all good.  the tourists come and buy whole cooked lobsters by the ton but end up throwing away lots of good meat in the body; they don't know how or don't want to be bothered to work for it, but we extract every tender morsel.  ***  managed to spend the best of the day outside in the warm sun and breezy air, very good indeed!