Monday, June 17, 2013

dwindling browns

blogger is behaving quite badly but i will try and get today's post....posted.  with work on JTT ongoing, my stash of browns is definitely dwindling.  this is a regular shoebox and it used to be overflowing with brown reproduction fabrics but no more.  what there is left fits nicely and the cover will even close....great!  i pulled them out to show a bit of the variety but the cover could be closed if need be.  **** only 2 short sides left to bind on the maine quilts project, so it'll get finished this week no problem.  and the little basket quilt is nearly all quilted.  tackling the little quilts in hopes of getting them all finished this summer.  *** hit the beach for a bit yesterday but clouds and cold ocean breeze finally forced us back to the apartment.  had thought about taking fleece pants/sweatshirt but didn't.  could have stayed if i had as i love the ocean even in less-then-perfect weather.  *** and don't feel too badly for me over the decreasing brown stash; one of my fave repro shops is having a sale and can always replenish, a tough job but think i can bear up under the task...LOL!

1 comment:

  1. I recognize some of those browns from my own stash.
    Boy, that is a tough assignment to have to replenish at a shop sale. I hope you go well rested and on a full stomach so that you will be equal to it. : )