Saturday, April 16, 2011

a fun-derful weekend so far...

just returned from ny and a bonnie hunter workshop and lecture.  those 7 hours of driving were really one very long design session.  all the way i planned the next 40 or so quilts i want to make heeding bonnie's mantra of using scraps and venturing out of my comfort zone.  i already have the "having fun" part down pat, rest assured.  short but true story here....many years ago i had a friend who made ultra-contemporay pieces.  she had an art degree.  i loved her stuff.  they hung all over the white walls in her home and i felt like i was in a gallery each time i stopped by.  i didn't "get" her designs, but i wanted to know her secret so i took her class.....THREE TIMES!  it was only a color value class, not nuclear astrophysics.  in the first 10-week class, i chose a block pattern.  in each of the next 2 classes, i made exactly one block.  the project got buried out of sheer paralysis.  i simply didn't know what to do next.  when i moved, it moved with me hidden away for someday.  years later i learned she had died from breast cancer.  i felt so sad, especially because of the unfinished piece.  i pulled it out, studied the diagram, memorized and chanted the value rules and finally finished it.  along the way, a bona fide brainstorm!  i felt like helen keller at the pump, seriously.  it wasn't nuclear astrophysics, it was
V-A-L-U-E!  my friend saw my quilts and had told me all along i was "doing it" but didn't know why and she was so right.  when i saw bonnie's quilts, she had the VALUE thing married to the TRADITIONAL thing, which was exactly my ballpark.  i know kathleen weinheimer would be proud of my finished piece, though i see where i should have tweaked it a bit.  i promise, i'm NOT on drugs at all, i've just overdosed on color and fabric!  and please, no interventions....

Friday, April 15, 2011

the quilting pied piper

this is bonnie hunter's new book.  unless you've been under a rock for the past five or so years, no doubt you have heard of this quilting diva/temptress who has revolutionized the art of the scrappy quilt.  even artsy types could get excited over these ideas.  as one who loves/makes scrappy quilts AND is a traditional quilter, bonnie's gospel is my muse.  she started her website offering ideas and patterns and photos to drool over for FREE. that's right, FREE.  legions of converts consider her website an invaluable source of inspiration and expertise.  she has coaxed me out of my safety zone; sort of, occasionally, increasingly, and inspired me beyond quilting 101 into patchwork nirvana, well almost.  repurposing and recycling may be current buzzwords, but are practices not at all new and make perfect sense, not just in a challenging economy.   if you're looking to be jettisoned from the humdrum quilting groove you're in, look no further than   in a flash,  you'll be cutting up old shirts and stopping at every thrift, happily joining the pack. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

cheap entertainment

i've been nearly glued to the eagle cam at the norfolk, virginia, botanical garden.  there are 3 eaglets in the nest that are growing by leaps and bounds; one is flapping his little wings appearing quite anxious to be big enough to take off.  occasionally i see a parent eagle in the nest as well, though they prefer perching on a branch.  there are comments from staff and all kinds of neat information.  on april 21st the eaglets will be banded and that is going to be shown as well.  if you have some free time, it's fascinating.


despite some tummy trouble for a couple of days, the wallhanging is almost all quilted.  perhaps the binding will get started (and finished?) this weekend.  i also visited the dentist this week, which was actually a nearly pleasant appointment.  all it takes is enough novocaine, really.  gotta go, pizza for supper....yum!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

another detour

took a break from sewing for a blast from the past.  pulled out my 45s stash, total of 73, and copied them to CD.  why?  takes up less room of course!  i am also working on my stash of LP albums as well.  i checked prices on ebay first and found that their value is miniscule, so they are getting copied and flung....all but the beatles of course!  each CD holds about 30 45s or 2 albums, so it saves quite a bit of space, welcome in our small apartment.  i am squeezing in a bit of quilting too, though.  ***** sending another letter to my senators about the budget.  why is it NASA is a sacred cow?  why are millions and billions being spent on outer space only for people on earth to be homeless and hungry and without healthcare?  sounds like somebody's priorities are skewed for sure.