Thursday, September 25, 2014

countdown begins!

phoebe is all spiffed up, ready and waiting for her road trip in 30 days, that's right, 30 days and we will be on our way!  i've made a list (of course) and check it nearly every day to make sure i am on track to getting everything done that needs it before retreat.  today's tasks?  slice up my green tomatoes for pickles, laundry, sewing on the donation quilt are the the miscellaneous stuff that presents itself in the course of any's my weekend and i've 2 whole days to get some serious sewing first, fun later! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

it's the 4th quarter...

it was giddy excitement last night when i realized i am down to the last quarter on appliquing this design to the background.  this is not the greatest photo of this top, but no matter....after spending august and september TV time, the end is now clearly in view.  at the top of the photo on the extreme right and left are 2 hand-like fronds...they are done!  the center portion is also complete, so all that is left is in the middle of the photo.  this will still take a while, probably into december (due to vaca), but i am hoping that the week between christmas and the new year, it will get basted and ready to quilt by january 1st.  so much work?  yes!  so much time?  definitely!  but the finished project?  priceless!  and why so wrinkled you ask?  well, when working on inside portions, it is necessary to scrunch it up in order to utilize the right hand thumb with the needleturn (i sew left handed)....but it will get ironed before the basting.   the batting is already on hand and will pick up the backing before the applique is complete.  oooohh can hardly wait!  *** in the meantime, another UFO is in process with the old viking; plenty of scrap AND stash busting going on for a finish some time october.   **** retreat readiness continues!

Monday, September 22, 2014

the (quilty) circle of (fabric) life

the lady of the lake swap squares are done and will soon be on their way, only to return in a similar but different form.  this is part 1 of this swap and am looking forward to part 2.  all measured and ironed and up for their debut in somebody else's mailbox....course, in the story of stash, nature also abhors a vacuum, so this little package arrived today....

the layer cake won in the moda love blog tour...this is sandy gervais' newest line called rambling rose...oh so delicate hues of cream, aqua, pink, taupe and chocolate with a decidedly vintage feel.  one of her patterns was also included...with the sun shining, the laundry done, a fabric frolic of sorts...what a perfect day!