Saturday, March 16, 2013

non UFO finish

you would think that with a lengthy UFO list, my focus would be on finishing rather than making, but i couldn't resist this springy little wallhanging in the recent Quiltmaker issue.  it's going to hang in my work cube giving it a definite non-winter ambience.  rest assured, though, UFOs are being tackled.  just yesterday another square for "just takes 2" got finished.  **** last night during quilt-cam, sewed up some squares for another new project that will be finished diehl's "pie birds" runner.  it uses those luscious civil war repros and is a quickie 7 square project.  **** now that this little cutie is finished, my hand quilting time will go to "autumn change," hoping for a finish--maybe no march but april definitely.  hoping that'll give me time for another bed size quilt finish before hot weather arrives.  now off to soak up some late winter sunshine!

Friday, March 15, 2013

surprise fabric!

that vic is such a dear!  mr. mailman brought me this in a little package from vic today..  i send her my strings for a friend of hers--and quite happy to find a home for them too, i might add--so i hope she didn't think she needed to "pay" me.  i am glad indeed to get these coordinating fabrics and they are most welcome in my stash...thank you vic!  **** finished the scrappy indigo flimsy but not ready for its closeup yet; also put together another block for JTT and printed off some applique patterns of upcoming blocks.  the little spring wallhanging is done and will find its spring home in my work cube tomorrow.  now i am cutting some civil war strips for a scrappy tablerunner, pattern by kim diehl.  lastly, made a cranberry bread and topped off the day with lunch at olive garden.  and, best of all, quilt cam tonight!  spending every minute of this early spring day in most enjoyable ways! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

little baskets part 2

oh yeah, i think this fabric is going to be fine for the setting triangles.  usually i plan these things ahead and sew the triangles on BEFORE the rows get put together, always when machine piecing.  this little serendipitous project was hand pieced and the setting triangle fabric hadn't been chosen so they will get set in by hand--a good portable project.  gee, i am really liking how this is going to finish up.  ****  just this morning heard that ice season was nearly over here in new england....doesn't hurt me one bit!  sure, we might get some more rogue snows but it can't last as mr. sun is bearing down on us much warmer these lengthening days.  ****  it's my weekend and i've got a long list of things i hope to accomplish, which is always too ambitious, but i know some of them will get crossed off.  getting a bit of a late start due to a couple of late nights but first up...laundry! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

wonderful wednesday

well it's wednesday friday for me and yesterday finished assembling the little basket quilt.  fortunately have a wide selection of possibilities for setting triangles, but chose this red civil war stripey piece, which coincidentally used it all up on this good is that?  have several other projects using civil war repros dancing in my head.  first up is to finish quilting the spring wallhanging, finish quilting autumn change, finish scrappy indigo flimsy (almost done!), send off the batik AND rotary cut strips for another project and for a tablerunner....whew!  ****  our springy weather continues, so much so that last night kept my window open a bit, wore shortie jammies AND used only 1 quilt....yep, spring is coming for sure!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

my brother, the blues bass guitarist

having a brother in an active band makes me a sometime groupie.  today's gig was at mt. abram, a ski resort about 2 hours west.  being beach people, i've never been before and probably won't ever go again, but it was a nice outing.  and skiing?  they make it look sooo easy, except for that little girl on the bunny slope who hasn't quite got the hang of it.  the sun felt nice and it wasn't actually too cold outside to sit for a bit....but glad i wore my woolie socks!   **** had my "hour ahead" nap and now for some nonfun stuff...laundry!