Saturday, January 3, 2015

bright flimsy

one charm pack is busted and i've this little flimsy ready to baste.  have started on another little project that will use up half a charm pack.....a nice little reproduction type piece.  more quilting has been done on the hawaiian as well.  waiting on stormy weather here after a long break with balmy temps.  the larder has been filled and so ready for a few days inside with videos and sewing....not the most pleasant aspect but it is a luxury to be able to stay off bad roads.  have been fortunate to get thru holiday season without battling the elements.  now for a late lunch, some errands and back to the old viking.....always a good companion!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

new year, new project

the too-short days got to me and i've been ogling those kaffe charm squares for a few weeks now, wondering what i could make from them.  the 30 UFOs are being ignored temporarily while i finish the jelly roll flimsy and play with these bright colors.  with some cheddar strips and the kaffe charms, going to make this little piece--only 40 nickels but a wowza feeling.  the days are starting to lengthen, but until it's daylight at 5 pm (sometime in january), this will chase away the gloom.  *** saw the new year in last night and up early this AM, so a nap is on today's agenda, along with the sewing of course AND the parade too.  ***  the UFO challenge is on and thankfully i am not in the top 10, so i've time to have a finish before my name looms closer to the top.  quilting on the hawaiian is coming along nicely; such a relaxing pastime and anxious to see the design unfold.  am using aurifil white quilting thread  for the first time and it is terrific....the gals--old viking, phoebe and trudy--love it too.  hope you enjoy this first day of 2015!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

it's here.....

and i'm sewing out the old and sewing in the new!  excited about the UFO list, patterns that are tempting me and the gorgeous stash at my disposal.  through it all, ever mindful of the blessings in my life, the challenges overcome this past year and all the enjoyable times that came my way.  yes, the big chill is here but expected this time of year.  planning a quiet transition into 2015 with needle and thread.....and hoping you are doing the same.   blessings to all for a healthy, prosperous, fun and quilty new year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

jelly roll progress

coming to the end of my jelly roll so trying a layout here.  i think i have enough to squeak out one more row of 7 squares which will be an okay size for a throw.  not following any particular pattern here, just trying for a pleasing look.  this will be hand quilted at some point, maybe a 2015 finish....we'll see.  for now, though, the jelly roll is history, which is a nearly 3-yard bust in anyone's book.  ****  winter temps are back so it is cold here today, teens this AM and low 20s for the day.  no more going out with only sandals on.....the cold is biting but at least there is no S-N-O-W  or  I-C-E, 2 ugly words in my vocabulary.  *** back to the machine to see if i can get this flimsy together...definitely a sewing day here in lobsterville and perhaps tackle some charm squares as well....

Monday, December 29, 2014

first closeup

quilting on the hawaiian has begun and so far enjoyable and rewarding.  a lot to go of course but it'll keep me busy during the winter and warm as well.  our spring temps are history with the return of normal winter feeling.  have put aside the christmas stocking for now to concentrate on this.  as for machine sewing, yesterday during quilt-cam whipped up some scrappy foursies for a possible project in 2015 and also worked on the jelly roll christmas flimsy.  today hope to get that done and possibly work on a couple of small projects swirling around in the gray matter.  *** it's monday again, and with most of the holidays over, it's back to mundane starting with laundry.  the tree usually comes down new year's day but might do that sooner....not sure.  so enjoy the week after christmas when all is calm and the world seems to take a breather.  it's an organizational, regrouping time for me, someone filled with anticipatory excitement for a new year.  my wishes for a safe, healthy, prosperous and fun new year to you all!