Saturday, January 9, 2016

sewing along...

these are the 2 latest of the farmer's wife sew-along blocks....both paper pieced as i wouldn't have done them any other way.   the 365 is up to date as well.  finished all the pink reel blocks i could, now waiting on getting more pinks from the big stash in storage.   tomorrow hoping to baste a couple of things for quilting.  the 12 days of christmas blocks also on the list, as this would give me a quick finish.  will also be cutting more scrappy bricks for that project.  working on several things at once usually gives me lots of finishes at once.  when i was a single parent had to juggle several things at once, so it's a method now used for my sewing projects.  silly me thought life would be less complicated with no children to care for, a house to maintain and 2 jobs....not sure what happened or if i'll ever get the satisfaction of an explanation, but thankful God gives me the strength and perseverance to keep on keeping on....quilting that is!

Friday, January 8, 2016

stash report & quilt cam

first official stash report of 2016....0 stash in and 0 stash out!  plenty of sewing going on but nothing quite finished yet.  during quilt-cam last night did some of this...

the little pink virginia reel blocks are coming along, there will be 24 in all and i'm about halfway there....and some of this...

scrappy 9-patch blocks from fabric that was gifted to me last year...70 were needed and they are now done; next is to cut the connecting squares and sawtooth border triangles...this will be a donation quilt at some point in honor of those who so generously shared their stash with me during my sojourn here in the desert (again!)....moses wandered in desert but died before entering the promised land...hoping my situation will have a different conclusion...of course am keeping up with the 365 challenge AND farmer's wife sew-along... on today's list?  the 2 FWS blocks and the 365 block and more on the 2 projects shown....a great day to sew!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 for 5

day 5 and here are my blocks so far...have a bag of small pieces right next to phoebe and try to get these sewn up as soon as they are posted.  going all scrappy and so far so good!  also been working on some of these little paper pieced blocks for a january finish maybe?

the UFO list is officially at 41 so hoping that 2016 is the year of the finish...lots of them in fact....this will also help me focus on busting stash after shamefully accumulating nearly 100 yards (didn't count the gifties), more than enough to finish all my UFOs and generate several more, especially if i continue with small projects like these.  planning on donating 2 bed size quilts in october and also have a quilt of valor on my "hope to make"'s a wonder i have time to do anything else...LOL!  and if the start of 2016 is any indicator, likely to be the year of the new car, not showroom new but parts new as in frequenting the repair shop.  it's only january 5th but spent 3 of those days bonding with various car mechanics and incorporating a whole new vocabulary--calipers, rotors, differential, sensors, yokohama (tires)--and (gulp) attacking the bank balance.  fabric sales and quilt shops are definitely off limits for the time being.  it isn't that my car is in bad shape, it's just the nature of mechanical things (sigh)....but, as mrs. g says, life is still good!