Friday, September 7, 2012

they're heeeeere!

they arrived yesterday, my little stash of jo morton's "leesburg" fabrics.  i know, doesn't seem like much but i restrained myself.  my tote of jo's fabrics is already full and i have no more room to add another tote.  the shelves are full of shoeboxes filled with fabric and UFOs.  course, when i see the whole line in person, i might be tempted to pick up a few more.  seeing them online gives me a good idea but seeing them up close is always better. i know, i did say i wasn't fond of green but these will fit right into the stash.   also with the "leesburg" were 4 indigo FQs for my scrappy as i didn't have quite enough for my project.  **** spent most of yesterday working on my ocean wave units.  although i seem to have plenty of solids, my blue solids are woefully scant.  before adding more, though, i'll cut up what i can.  i really need to thin out the drawer.  it is a tease to fondle the fabric, though, because i dreamed up a couple more small projects using the solids that i want to start.  they'll get jotted down in the notebook for future reference.  *** another gorgeous early september day here in coastal maine.  these late summer/pre autumn days can't be beat. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

up for sale

whoops!  ended up with 2 of these companion angle rulers and am offering the extra for sale.  it's used, so are there any takers for $4 including first class shipping from south portland, maine?  i'll pack it well and you can e-mail me if interested.  ****  a nice summer day here, yes it's still summer for now.  working on my ocean waves flimsy in the sunny and cool air.  **** many other bloggers read, as do i, and can recommend a recent finish...."defending jacob," a real contemporary thriller without too much gore or violence.  it's similar to another i can recommend, "the end of everything."  so grateful to my mom who raised a family of readers, now seeing the next generation of library groupies.  and thank you, andrew carnegie, for investing in libraries, certainly money well spent!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2 for 2

rather than keep a separate calendar to document quilting time, i'm just using the one i currently have.  i've marked 2 days with an "X" to indicate that i've quilted at least 1 hour each of those days.  and does it really say September?  even if it didn't, the cooler air would give it away.  ****  rain is due here but no drops yet.  a few housekeeping tasks and then....who knows?

Monday, September 3, 2012

i'm in!

bonnie has thrown down the gauntlet for a quilting challenge and i am definitely in!  i would like to get this quilt done before the end of the month; it's over half done at this point.  i'll certainly give it a serious try.  **** just back from a delish breakfast in boothbay harbor.  up early and out the door for a scenic drive and breakfast overlooking the harbor.  we go a few times during the summer just for a brief visit to this picturesque village.  **** i've a paid holiday today and it feels soooo rich!  i'll get my hour of quilting in no problem, and not sure what else either.  yesterday i cut out the remaining little baskets to hand piece, and i've finished 2 more of the red applique squares as well.  **** count down is now 6 weeks and 6 days....maps have been ordered, projects are packed, last minute shopping list is started, and the taste of fall in the air today has me eager to go.  hard to believe this was booked in february and the time is nearly here.