Saturday, August 23, 2014

up to date!

yep, the block for week #4 is done so i am current with this sew-along.  this is very good indeed.  i've also been doing some secret sewing, which i will be able to share very soon.  plus the hawaiian...despite working on it nearly all month, i am only about half done with the third quarter of getting the top basted.  i may just continue on with it, hoping it's ready to baste by the end of the year....maybe?   ****  we are in a cool spell here, this morning was 59 and has now climbed up to 61.  fans and a/c units are off, and i'm actually wearing sweat pants today.  **** it has been a tough week overall but not so tough it couldn't be tamed.  still suffering negative effects of an unnecessary surgery in 2010, which cannot fix itself.  but finding a provider who will facilitate this here in maine is nearly impossible.  until then will hobble along and be grateful it isn't worse. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

then there were 3....

week 3 of the marcus bros sew-along and voila, 3 blocks done!  have even amazed myself with the way keeping up with this short-term quilty event.  getting plenty of applique done on the hawaiian too, but still a ways to go.  here is a photo of the 3 blocks together...this is gonna be a cute little quilt i think!

a gray and fallishly cool day here in maine....summer will be back later this week but for today the slate is clean and just planning on doing some sewing  and relaxing.   ***  the lexington stash is all washed and dried and ready to use.  think i'm gonna just look at it for a while and enjoy...