Saturday, April 27, 2013

everyone knows....

quilters don't darn socks; it's written in the creed we all live by and in which we believe, except when it's patchwork socks!  don't tell anybody but i had to darn this pair recently because i HAVE to have my patchwork socks.  they were perfectly fine save for a tiny hole so i bit the bullet and now hope my quilting compadres will forgive me for breaking the code.  i am hoping you would do the same in this situation.  *** another sunny spring day here in maine.  finally able to go outside with no jacket.  naturally we ended up at the beach yesterday for a taste of things to come.  even at the oceanside, it was warm enough to walk a bit and sit on a bench and soak up some rays.  **** quilty efforts were focused on maine quilts project and the autumn change.  determined to get this thing bound before workshop next week...i hope! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

a friday giveaway!

in honor of april being almost over, spring being finally here and today being a very fine maine friday, decided to have a little giveaway.  the pattern came home with me from retreat last october and the selvedge needlecase was made by me.  if you wouldn't mind receiving these 2 frugal gifts, leave a comment and i will draw a name on sunday morning.  the wallhanging is 30.5" square and is paper pieced if you want to know.  ****  yesterday was the first time i was outside without a jacket, always a good thing!  doing some cleaning today, getting out my little window fan and some sewing of course!  am prepping the binding for autumn change in anticipation of a soon finish.  then i think i will finish quilting the last border of the amish center diamond before putting big quilts aside for warmer weather unless i can squeeze one more in before it gets too uncomfortable.  **** in the interest of full disclosure have spent just over $700 on fabric, workshop costs and all quilt/sewing related items so far this year.  if i didn't count the workshops, it would be frugal indeed, so not bad at all!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

springy enough?

i think so too.  these are the scraps i've pulled for bonnie hunter's workshop next week.  some of the greens are leftovers from orca bay and some of the pinks are leftovers from a couple of baby quilts.  i did add a few to each pile; the background will be white.  most likely this will be donated at some point and will probably be tied, too, instead of hand quilted.  my hand quilting list is already overflowing.  ***  this is a (mostly) day off for me but i've got a list as usual.  first is diet pepsi; need some added "oomph" to get thru that list.  *** the temp last night when i arrived home just after 11 pm was 47 degrees; oh yeah, it is definitely spring now!

current read

if you follow along here, you know i'm one who reads on a regular basis.  this is the current volume on a medieval nun, hildegard von bingen.  it's part fiction of course, but i wanted to learn more about this remarkable woman i first learned about in music class in college.  now, my degree is more ultra-pricey maine souvenir than career booster--way more than any goofy lobster mug--but i did learn some about many things.  this woman was a writer, poet and composer among other accomplishments, unusual for her religious vocation.  medieval motets make me nearly swoon; i love the spiritual nature of the sounds and do listen to them on CDs, often on sundays to set the tone for the day .  *** on the quilty front, been quilting on autumn change and happy to say nearly ready to bind.  am also working on 2 hush-hush projects, my maine quilts piece and a small swap quilt being hand pieced.  in addition to quilting right now, though, have to prep my pieces for bonnie's workshop....super fun to come!   

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

maryland blueberries

first, a plug for the delightful shop i visited in maryland called "tomorrow's treasures," located in a strip mall in crofton park.  it takes a bit to find's in back...but oh so worth the trip.  a huge selection, sale fabrics, machines, friendly staff and other quilters, of course, which is how i came by this piece of barbara brackman fabric.  a lady ahead of me in line bought most of it and with less than a yard left, i took the rest.  it's maryland?  who knew?  it surely had my name on it.  my other purchases were some FQs of pinks/green for bonnie's workshop. ****  definitely NOT summer here with temps in the 40s but the good news is looks like old man winter is gone, gone, gone...for now, anyway. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

precious moments

remember this little cutie?  well, it moved to maryland and to DD's for her sewing enjoyment.  and so it was that while visiting, we had some mother/daughter sewing bonding time.  she had printed out the manual and put the pages in page protectors for easy reference.  she even got it threaded for when i arrived.  she got a pillow pattern and cut out some pattern pieces.  i gave her some tips on cutting out patterns, the meaning of the lines, how to mark the bed for seam allowance, the use of pins and off she went...a real prodigy!  she was thrilled beyond belief.  and the smile on her face when it was finished?  priceless!  ***  so today finish unpacking, get organized and back to work after a night back in my own bed.  not that i didn't sleep well in maryland, but you know how it is.  this week's goals include more quilting on autumn change, more work on the maine quilts project and prepping for bonnie's upcoming workshop.  and lastly, missing my kiddos now too far away.  ****  lastly, my hat is off to BWI airport; superior drivers on their shuttle services.  i don't frequent a lot of airports at all, and i didn't even fly there, but can't sing the praises of them loud enough...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

back from summer

though i missed the DC cherry trees this year, did manage to find this one still in full bloom....soooo gorgeous!  and trekking the washington mall spied these wisteria, also beautiful and so summery.  *** it isn't even close to summer here in maine yet, and i do miss it already.  more than that, i am missing my daughter and son-in-law.  a great visit was had by all and we are planning more in the future.  i am slowly learning to be a mother-in-law...LOL!  not yet unpacked or back on my former routine, but while i would miss my family here, not keen on living in maine at all.   *** and to no one's surprise, i found a quilt shop, a very nice one in fact, and explored it with a new friend from last year's retreat.  turns out there are plenty more quilt shops in the area i haven't even visited....for now anyway!