Saturday, June 23, 2012

all the geese...

are flying!  these got done friday and will go into the first quarter section of "just takes 2."   but first, i want to thank all who leave such nice comments!  i do appreciate them, although i don't always reply to each and every one.  *** thanks to a/c i am able to continue quilting on the amish pinwheel, hoping for a july finish maybe?  and more flying geese in my future?  bring 'em on, i'm starting to get good at them! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

back to the future

went to the local book sale today and found this gem.  the scary part is, i remember the '70s....and how cool this look was back then, the gypsy/woodstock/hippie kicked up a notch style.  have to admit, i never knew anybody who would wear such an outfit, colorful though it may be.  i took several views of this, all with the pesky flash reflection.  the book was a whopping 50 cents and i bought it just for old times' sake.  **** today was payday for me, yippee!  did a few errands and a bit of shopping.  a short nap is in order on this warm summery day and then it's back to the old viking for me!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

its done!

oh yeah, another one off the UFO list today, a happy event indeed.  i started this last year at maine quilts in jo morton's class and glad to say it's done BEFORE maine quilts this year, though not by much.  these fabrics are not all jo morton's but some are.  even so, i like it.  **** i've also worked some on just takes 2, specifically applique on the 2 applique blocks remaining in the first quarter section.  **** another hot day here in coastal maine but no matter, we are close to the ocean and frigid waters still, even though it's nearly july.  with cooler temps on the way, i'm heading back to quilt on the amish pinwheel, hoping for a finish in july before tackling the next large basted quilt.  **** i've got some gorgeous vintage cross-stitch patterns i want to tackle but my quilting muse is in overdrive.  i can't believe the year is half over already and my list isn't half done, gotta get going!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

done and done

whew, the feathered star block is done!  and not too shabby either, if i do say so myself.  next up is some flying geese strips and a few more blocks--2 are applique and are in progress--and then i can put this quarter of the quilt top together.  the little quilt top for my yahoo group acted as leaders
/enders for the feathered star.  so i got both done in nearly the same time with almost no thread waste.  i do use a lot of thread but the amount that goes into the trash is almost nil, thanks to this method of chain sewing.  **** i am so enjoying this "just takes 2" project as it is a bit of a challenge with all the different blocks and construction methods.  not puzzling to the point of frustration but interesting.  i have no idea what i am going to do with a 90" square quilt top or even a finished quilt that size, though.

Monday, June 18, 2012

heartful handmade gift

ran to the PO first thing to pick up this giftie from megan in michigan who has actually been to maine!  such heartful gifts including a finger pincushion, a birdie pincushion that will sit on top the old viking quite nicely, a nail kit and this handmade basket.  thank you, megan, for such wonderful gifts.  you should be here now as there is a bit of a glut of lobster around; shedders (soft shell) are in abundance due to early moulting and they can't be shipped, so there are lobster signs everywhere and prices are quite reasonable.  i know where part of my paycheck is going this week.....mmmmm!

count me in!

michele over at quilting gallery has posted info about this challenge and i believe i shall rise to the occasion!  in addition to finished scrappy quilts, i have basted ones and scrappies in progress also.  probably won't win, but it'll be fun to see them in a group as well as see what others make.  i almost never make matchy/matchy type quilts, buying yards of a certain fabric, though sometimes they are controlled scrappy.  *** monday again and a few housekeeping things to start the week.  other than that, will continue on with my quilty projects.  **** it's finally summer in maine and this is the season people think of when they say to me, "oh, i love maine."  they hardly ever think of february in maine fondly but then, even we who live here don't either. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

so far so good

this 15.5" feathered star square is coming along nicely, if i do say so myself.  some days when i sew, i really feel like a quilter, you know, when things go together slick like this after careful reading, cutting and preparing the fabric.   and i think i have finally conquered the feathered star phobia.  i might just have to pull out some of those patterns i've been saving from marsha mccloskey and tackle another.  now i can't wait to see this finished, perhaps today or tomorrow.  **** in addition to piecing this, i'm also assembling a little quilt from kathy tracey's yahoo group.  it's simple but with repro fabrics, really looks vintage.  i might tea dye it when it's done, too.  **** these 2 along with quilting the scrappy pinwheel and some miscellaneous sewing are taking up my allotted sewing time these days.  with triple-H weather looming later this week (hazy, hot, humid), i'll be tackling more of the small things that are basted and waiting to be quilted.  these plus a goal of finishing 4 big quilts from now to new year's is a lofty but possibly achievable goal.  the scrappy pinwheel is about 1/3 done, the center diamond just needs the last border quilted, then i have a gift quilt (autumn change) to be done and just maybe "amish in the city" too, the latter being more sofa size than bed size.  ahhhh, so many quilts........


can you tell i was miffed and tired?  no doubt.  i am guessing my message hit home because last night he parked someplace else and it was serenely quiet all night.  in a bit of fairness here, i am a light sleeper during the early morning hours.  my mother tells me when i was a baby, all she would have to do is walk across the floor near the crib and i would be sitting up with eyes wide open ready for the day.  so maybe i wouldn't slash his tires and break his windows, but the superglue on the windshield is a tantalizing vision.  thankfully i am a person who acts out with only words nearly all the time.  and i am not down on apartments per se; i've lived in some inner city housing that was never this noisy or intrusive...go figure!