Sunday, May 26, 2013

a rose is a rose is a rose...

after divorcing my first husband of 11 years, i was married to this piece of property for 10 years.  it was a typical dysfunctional marriage, me the giver and it the taker.  it took nearly every spare moment of my time, my funds, my energy and my youth.  the only people i associated with were tradesmen--hardware store clerks, oil burner techs, snowplow drivers, appliance repairmen, city tax clerks, electric meter readers and, of course, the bank loan officer.  but in may and june, when i was faced with the prospect of endless lawn duties, i would come home from one job or another and see this vibrant color and swoon with delight.  aaahhh, my little house on the drag strip, as i called it, being located on a busy city corner.  it was an oasis at times and a burden others.  i don't miss it, rather the personal freedom of owning a place of my own.  my dream life of a professional single gal living in a city condo never materialized, but if that's the worse thing that happens in my life, it will be of no consequence.  so glad i still have this photo of my "second marriage" and the beauty it still evokes of bittersweet days. 

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