Monday, May 13, 2013

say hello to victoria!

NOTE:  bag of HSTs has been taken!  ****  this is my pal victoria from new hampshire.  we met on the internet and share a fondness (fondness?  LOL) for civil war fabrics and, get this, she lives close to keepsake quilting!  now keepsake is about 3 hours from me, vic's house just over 2, so sometimes we meet inbetween.  just so happens that marden's in sanford is about equidistant, imagine that!  but being the equal opportunity gatherers we are, one shop wasn't enough so we hit 2 others--kathie's in sanford and footprints in rochester, nh.  rochester has a bustling main street/downtown area and vic found us a fast and yummy chinese place for lunch.  if you are in either locale, can highly recommend all 3 venues for fabric, friendship and fine times!  kathie's shop has been open about 5 years and is in a welcoming, spacious old farmhouse.  kelly's footprints i'm not sure about, but she is already looking for a larger space.  all in all, it was an ENJOYable day (there's that word again!).


  1. When I come to Keepsake Quilting in the Fall, I hope you two will be able to make it there and meet up with me--and Vic says something about lunch at a place with "Canoe" in the name?

  2. Lunch at the Canoe and keepsake with my two virtual friends that are becoming as real as The Velveteen Rabbit, now, how cool is that?