Saturday, November 10, 2012

next project, please?

though i was planning to tackle the center diamond quilt next, the borders need marking and i need space for that so i picked this up instead.  nice to have quilts all basted at the ready!  this one doesn't need marking at all and should be a fairly soon finish.  i'm just quilting down the side of each row and already i have almost finished 4 "lines."  there are a total of 13 rows so that is 26 "lines" so it's coming along fairly quickly.  and what is better than a new christmas quilt?  i had a large collection of christmas fabrics (still do) and tried to use them all in this quilt.  it's a good christmas fabric memory quilt for me.  **** at the same time, i'm assembling a quilt for sandy relief using some luscious batiks and a deep plum accent color.  **** i'm also currently embroiled in a war of words with time warner cable.  our on demand is a sometime thing and it infuriates me.  they continue to advertise it as a real perk of their outrageously expensive service but not for us it seems....the tech is coming again monday for yet another box; this makes about 4 and not sure why this service is so terrible.  i've lived other places and never, ever had this much difficulty with cable before. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

swap HSTs

mr. mailman brought these little HSTs today from a recent swap.  they are 2" unfinished and look to be a great variety ideal for maybe some of my little civil war repro quilts.  next up is black and white strips.  **** a recent visit to nann's blog revealed how she stores her fabric or, more specifically, FQs and such.  they are in clear shoeboxes by color.  hmmm....although i love my elfa drawers, maybe the shoebox system would make it easier to find specific colors.  right now they are sorted by color with civil war repros in their own shoeboxes.  i am tempted to try it but don't want to spend my sewing time organizing fabric.  it is a slippery slope and my preference is to sew rather than get ready to sew.  maybe it can be done in snippets of time.  **** a very nice fall day here, sunny and cool; it was a grocery shopping day for me plus a few other errands. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

a soon-to-be WIP (work in progress)

on my want-to-make list is a vintage red/green project.  i've had the fabric for some time (thank you reproduction fabrics!) and found the ideal pattern.  not too big, not too small, just right i think!  it's only about 30" square, but it'll be a nice holiday and year-round piece....for NEXT year! **** getting my list for santa ready...first up is a sewing room, yes!  i used to have one when i shared half a house with a couple of moronic so-called christian roommates but alas, no more.  it needed TLC so i washed windows, put up storms, kept my areas neat and clean, planted bulbs and generally improved the place but again i could not find work, so now i am squeezed into this maine dungeon....but i digress.  yes, santa, i need more sewing space...can you fit that down the chimney?

the end of fall

this is the view outside my window this morning.  not a pretty sight, either.  sure, it'll melt in the next day or two but no matter, it means that fall is really over and anything can happen from here on in.  guess i can put those sandals away now.  but it's the hurricane victims that concern me in weather like this.  i can't imagine how tough life must be for them right now. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

civil war progress added

new tab at top of page if you want to see my blocks thus far.  i love this project!  good thing i am going for the "antique" look as machine piecing can be a challenge for me.  am thinking one of jo morton's new "toasted" fabrics would be an ideal sashing for this quilt.  have 8 blocks done, only 113 more to do...that's not so much ya think?  this and the hawaiian will be my long-term projects i'm pretty sure.  so what, they get done when they get done and i will love the process.  beats knocking over convenience stores or similar pursuits i'd say....

a finish!

the scrappy pinwheel is now done and on the bed, just in time for cooler new england weather.  it's hand quilted, of course, and i've also posted a photo of the center quilted basket motif.  *** next up is a secret project finish...i'm moonlighting as one of santa's elves this year and that special holiday is creeping up!  i'm hoping, though, i will be able to squeak out at least 2 more finishes from the UFO list before december 31st, so we'll see how that works.  and yes, i did get some work done on the civil war diary quilt that i'll show later....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

extra hour spent

november's little quilt over at kathy's blog is this and this morning the extra hour was spent pulling it together.  now how did she know i had a stack of solid stamps already cut?  once recovered from the shock of having to cook my own breakfast after being spoiled on retreat, i spent some quality time with the old viking and some scraps, always a good thing.  mostly, though, i am busily finishing the scrappy pinwheel and good thing, too, as cooler temps are on the horizon here in coastal maine.  *** this weekend is the NH gathering and although i usually go, had to pass it by due to retreat.  now off to dress and make plans for this sunshiny new england day!