Friday, January 13, 2012

friday fun

if, like me, you have nearly endless free time, you too can organize your strips in pizza boxes!  seriously, when i was doing the log cabin blocks, i realized that the shoebox full of wrinkled strips was a real hindrance.  someone suggested a free pizza box; i went for 2 and separated lights/darks (with mediums thrown in).  i had to beg a bit for the boxes but for free?  i see now how few light strips i really have.  that can be easily remedied.  now i'm set for doing those log cabin blocks and i emptied that shoebox too.  ***** we had snow yesterday, the most of the season so far, about 4".  thankfully it's about 40 today and it's melting fast.  i hope our friend the jet stream doesn't abandon us but he can be fickle, so we'll have to take what comes.  another thing about which i have no choice. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

sewing space tweak

ok, so here's the new table.  after much research, it was the right choice.  it fits perfectly where the antique table was and is a tad less deep, meaning a bit more room between the end of the bed and the chair.  as you can see, i've folded up the antique and stowed it under the ironing table so i still have access to the drawers and the stuff contained in them.  i've oiled the old wheels hoping that i might be able to pull it out and use for cutting or ironing (with a portable ironing board) now and then.  the chair, which is about 25 or so years old, no longer adjusts up/down, so it'll be the next thing to go.  i hope i can get it replaced before my income drops. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

just takes 2

here's a look at the fabrics i've chosen (from stash of course!) for this little challenge.  i've done the red/white thing x2 and so went with a color i hardly ever use and the muslin that i have on hand, focusing on my efforts to bust stash.  it might be necessary to add a few browns, but with marden's close by, that won't be difficult. **** the family gathered at BRO/SIL'S yesterday for a belated holiday celebration.  my SIL prepared a scrumptious turkey dinner and a good time was had by good to gather and reconnect; family times are so precious.  anyway, also received a gift certificate to a quilt shop, always an ideal gift.  it won't languish in my stash at all!  thank you again, dear BRO and SIL!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

log cabin tips

so, here are the great tips that are contributing to my log cabin success.  1) the strip being added always goes right side up on the bottom (see bottom photo); hard to see here because the light is so...well, light!  2) the most recent strip is right side down going into the needle first (top photo).  that's it....easy peasy.  maybe this was widely known long before i learned it, don't know.  it's the first time i became aware of these 2 simple rules.  anyway, they might help you or not; all i know is they made it super easy for me to get this (should be) easy block right. ****  last night started on the 2nd border of baptist fans...i am soo delighted with this project and how it's turning out.  it's essentially a whole cloth quilt done in segments.  inbetween i'm doing more purple strippies for orca bay.  with 3 weeks left of the month, i have to get at least ONE of them done; goodness knows i've ooodles of time and no real excuses. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

new england quilt museum treat

this year is a special anniversary for the new england quilt museum.  i am proud to be a member of this local gem.  as such, on the 25th of every month this year, the museum is having free admission.  that's right, on the 25th of every  month.  it's a little christmas gift 12 times!  if you are in the area or planning a trip to new england, be sure and put this on your itinerary.  be sure and check out special events on their website!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

new sidebar link

while browsing today, i found this blog and simply HAD to add this badge to my home page.  i wholeheartedly support and encourage hand quilting because it is sooo enjoyable; i know, many don't have the time or the interest, but give it a might become a devotee.  i am currently hand quilting my amish center diamond quilt.  the great thing about quilting (or many other things also) is that the stitch improves with continual practice.  when starting a new quilting project after a time away, it takes a bit to get into the rhythm of the stitching.  once the rhythm kicks in, it's easy to pick it up at every free moment.