Saturday, December 3, 2011


it's true, all 224 hourglass blocks are done!  and i've started on the 350 HSTs as well.  the small strip squares will have to be put on hold for the moment, although i've the fabrics stacked on the sewing table along with the foundation papers.  aside from job hunting, there are no other plans in the upcoming week.  i still haven't vacuumed either but, oh well, tomorrow's another day.  in the evenings i've been working on a gift and hope to get back to the amish center diamond soon.  time marches on and so i'm off to get dressed and get sewing!

Friday, December 2, 2011

FTOOB part 3

part 3 of Fat Tuesday On Orca Bay consists of HSTs or half square triangles, but did she say 350?????  say again????   350?  i'm wondering if i have enough green fabric for these; well, i probably do of course, but really....350???  i still haven't started part 2 yet....yikes, better get going!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

a portent

wondering if DD put up her advent calendar today? 

2 triangles done

just this morning i finished the 2nd of 4 triangles on this amish center diamond quilt.  only 2 more to quilt and i can move "out" to the next border and corner squares.  i've got the pattern for the corner squares already but still deciding on the border sections.  meanwhile, back at the old viking, i'm still working on the hourglass blocks and they are slowly getting done.  part 3 is posting tomorrow and i've still part 2 to do yet.  like where does time go?  for somebody with an empty life, it still just evaporates.  ***** speaking of that, it's december 1st today with only 3+ short weeks to christmas.  our warm weather seems to be on the wane.  except for our freak halloween snow, it's been green grass here so far, not christmas weather at all.  **** since worrying is considered a sin, i'll just say there's a situation of concern to me, could or not be justified, but at this moment it does weigh heavy on my mind.  if you are a praying person, my petition is for resolution and restoration to peace for this particular issue.  **** and last, kudos to my brother and his blues band members.  they have scored top place in the maine contest and are off to nationals in january; this is a real dream come true for one with the love of music in his veins.  congrats to them!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

keeping on

yes, i am  still working away on the hourglass blocks for bonnie's mystery.  i'll get there, i really will, especially with the help of my diet pepsi!  and i've renamed my version...fat tuesday on orca bay, because of the mardi gras colors.  ****  just 3 days out from visiting my chick and her hubby and i'm seriously missing them.  in fact, it was a lonely trip north on the train saturday, feeling like i'd left my heart behind.  i'm working hard to be a good mother-in-law and hope i am succeeding in this new role. **** last night me and mom took in an early christmas concert by the USM (alma mater) chamber singers...always an excellent event.  but with these warm temps, it's difficult to feel christmas-y.  time to get out the holiday CDs i guess.

Monday, November 28, 2011

orca bay progress

back to our regularly scheduled project!  before turkey day (actually it was ham day) break, i had finished this many of the quarter square triangles for part 1 of orca bay.  bonnie has now posted part 2 so i've a bit of catching up this week.  i think there about 100 in this small pile, not even half of the required 224, so the old viking is going to be smokin'!  i've a few errands today and a few household chores as well, but after that it's clear sailing sewing-wise.  **** while in maryland, i looked over some senior housing possibilities.  yeah i know, i don't feel senior and certainly don't look senior either, but my birth certificate says otherwise.  course my actual years are immaterial in today's ever-youthful culture; why, even my mom at nearly 85 still drives, keeps active and would be working if she had her choice.  i, too, would be working if i could.  my hope for a career is nearly gone, a real heartbreak for me.  i got a taste and wasn't permitted to dive in to the full banquet of a career i really enjoyed, for reasons too numerous and nefarious to list.  i never had dreams of corporate ladder ascension, only of doing a job i really enjoyed, was fulfilling and rewarding.  so, when life gives you scraps.....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

1 down, 2 to go...

holiday that is.  had a wonderful thanksgiving with DD and DSIL and DSIL's parents. wonderful family time, great food....can't beat it.  i was near baltimore and it was 70 degrees on thanksgiving day....super gorgeous day!