Saturday, September 2, 2017

sorted greens

while at the dollar store yesterday, picked up a few clear shoeboxes to get my greens/reds finally put away.  knew that the 3 i bought wouldn't be enough, but would be a start.   quite happy today to see that the 3 are just enough for my pile of greens!  now just the reds pile is left and pretty sure 3 will be enough for them as well.

now they are in plain sight and easy to access....with the demise of the bookcase earlier this year, happy to find a more thrifty solution than replacing it...takes up less room as well....

and this very nice birthday surprise was in my mailbox yesterday.. many who blog are familiar with janet in utah, an expert at miniquilts and known for her kindness and generosity too.  vic from NH and i met janet years ago  (that long....really?) at keepsake quilting when she was visiting her daughter...we had already been friends online and meeting in person kicked that friendship up several notches...  she makes this lovely and fragrant soap and those dots????   i love them!  she is a gem of a friend for sure who handles her many cares mostly privately while flitting about the blogging world.

the dots are grunge dots and i had never seen them before, but oooh i'd love to have some yardage of the tan and gray to start with...thank you so much, janet!  you are definitely on santa's nice list this year!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

down to the wire

it's the eve of the 31st and my summer UFO blitz is winding down....just today, though, finished this tumbler top and although i had planned a border, have decided not to as it's just big enough to hand quilt and finish.  i have a nice red print that i might use for binding....might, that is.

i love these scrappy tumblers and after it's final press, it goes in the finish pile with the others waiting on me...course, it hasn't diminished the stash pile much but that was a given before started.  *** looking back, pretty happy with what got accomplished these 3 short months, actually 2.5 due to my vacation.  even so, there are 4 empty drawers in the UFO cabinet, a few less plastic baggie UFOs and a few less cross-stitch UFOs.  not to mention the few small finishes that are no longer in THAT pile.  two flimsies were sold and found new homes and didn't even make it to the finish pile.  pretty good progress overall, but can't slack off.  the orange mod top didn't get done so that is up next.  plus some selvedge potholders.  plus finish the senior center QOV......etc. etc. etc.!  meanwhile, planning to ease into september and autumn's arrival.....and forgive me for veering off quilting, but this photo came to us a few days ago and am completely gobsmacked by how beautiful my mom was...this was 1945 and she is still beautiful at 90, but wow, she coulda been a pinup gal...

Sunday, August 27, 2017

sewing prezzie

yep, today marks another year in existence for mom is astounded to realize she has a child who is 68 years old!  in our family we don't think much about years, just keep on keeping on, and so far it has worked out pretty well....among other things, this arrived as a gift...

so the place is packed with aurifil thread now and the machine gals will be purring and whirring with delight!  i was really bowled over with this generous gift, but have promised to pay it forward as i've always done anyway.  and yesterday, this also arrived in my mailbox....not a gift but a harbinger!

was surprised as here in the northern south, we are still in summer mode. i did read that the new england foliage was predicted to be over the top this year...i just love autumn!  and even tho i'm not venturing back to school, some old habits die very slowly so indulged in these, feeling very rich indeed to have 2 boxes!

actually i thought the new blue would be included, but it wasn't yet.  opened them up and inhaled that heady wax aroma that only brand new crayons have.  packed away i have the box of 64 and a commemorative tin too...even as a youngster, color tantalized me so the segue to fabric was a given from early days...finally, this project progresses on with the hopes of finish by end of august september, possible presentation on veterans' day. 

with the summer UFO blitz, the finish pile is, well, piling up and time marches, though, time to bake a small chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and some pretty sprinkles on candles are allowed here but not needed as i'm only as old as i about you???