Saturday, September 20, 2014

next to last #8

up to date with the marcus bros sew-along more week/block to go.  just in time, too, as retreat prep is in full swing with october just around the corner.  the batik blocks are also just about ready to mail out, so i am right on schedule with my to-do list.  even if i didn't have a calendar, the cool temps would tell me that autumn is in full mode here in southern coastal maine.  it's fair time as well, and just today mom and i ventured out to a local bean supper of good repute.  normally i work all day saturday but took some vacation time so i could take mum.  not knowing how soon i'll be moving prompts me to fill the days with as many good times together as i can.  *** spent some time yesterday playing in the scraps.  some civil war 1.5" strips were prepped, as well as more inchies and some 2.5" squares...all from the scrap baskets, which are more than overflowing.  also pulled out all batik scraps for another little quilt about the same size as made last year at retreat.  i must have a suitable pattern around here someplace....LOL!  ****  well now that this block is done, guess i'll mosey on back to the old viking and finish the other blocks. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

quick change

if you recall, the "B" was previously a yellow print.  that was before i decided i wanted to use this yellow print for the sashing for this little project.  so, the "B" is now orange polka dot.  and now with the "D" finished, i'm up to date on this little sew along.  haven't decided yet if the corner squares will be the same yellow or another color or even the light.....stay tuned!  *** continues to get cooler here in south coastal maine...but we know this is just a tease; beach weather will return at some point.  *** it's the first day of my weekend, sort of, and i've a list to tackle!

pretty sooon.....

i'll be quilting and relaxing in the land of the plain people...farmland vistas, overflowing pumpkin piles, barns and silos, buggies and quilt quilt shops?  you betcha!  not to mention non-stop laughs, friendship, sewing, sharing, and all that goes with the perfect quilty vacation.  i am in full preparation mode now with just over 30 days until departure date.  just a few more things on the list and i will be ready to go!  *** first up is batik swap squares....this is my weekend to finish those and get them in the mail.  then, finish the donation quilt for bob's, plus a haircut, vehicle tuneup, a day of cutting up strips and triangles for projects, stock up food for mom then it's suitcase to pack!  do i sound anxious?  just a little maybe?  you can have a cruise or the grand european tour....i'll take back to your regularly scheduled day!

Monday, September 15, 2014

lucky 7

all caught up with block 7 on the marcus bros sew-along...only 2 more weeks and then a finish week, so this is very good.  i also have all my alphabet blocks done to date also.  what else have i done?  first thing this morning whipped up 2 double batches of corn fritters for the freezer, made lunch ahead of time too, and now i can sew!  **** sunny and cool here, temp 44 around 7 am, and yes, there was a freeze someplace in maine but not where we live near the ocean.  the ocean is our friend many times over when it comes to weather issues.  our veggie stand is overflowing with early autumn produce and it is annoying as we have no freezer space at all really.  next up are some pickles but that will be it, oh and maybe some stuffed peppers for the freezer too.  i love them and they are nice to have on hand.  ***  the week starts again today and retreat is getting closer.  my list is getting shorter and i am soo anxious to see my retreat pals again and have a week of endless fun!