Friday, May 3, 2013

paintbox anyone?

this pattern is from edyta sitar, just found it in an email from hancock's of paducah.  wouldn't this make a delicious scrappy quilt?  i would probably use white instead of the beige and a different applique design in the corners, but i love, love, love a scrappy quilt like this!  wait, though, don't i have a scrappy ocean waves in progress?  i certainly do.  oh, and the scrappy honeycomb amish quilt too?  yep, i do.  and the scrappy boston commons waiting to be quilted?  so i am SURE i can pass up this one; seems i have scrappy covered at the moment.  *** another cool spring day here, that breeze from the north is keeping our temps too low for my liking.  it's sunny but still not what you'd call warm, but better than minnesota with 12" of snow overnight.  oh yeah, way, way better.     

Thursday, May 2, 2013

playtime with phoebe

thought i should get phoebe out and give her a run thru to make sure all is in order for sunday's workshop, and it is!  she is purring along like usual.  here are some of my pinks and greens i'll be using.  the plan is to get everything prepped so when i get to the workshop i can get right to the sewing part and bonnie's ruler instruction and fabulous tips.  she said she has a bit of a throat tickle, but hoping she will be hale and hearty for her busy weekend.  **** today started binding the autumn change quilt!  that'll be a finish soon, then it's quilting the last border on the amish center diamond for a 2nd finish in may....2 bed size quilts off the list!  good thing as i have 2 ready to take their place--the scrappy indigo flimsy needs batt/back and baste and then this workshop top the same.  after the may quilts, it's small projects and applique work on the hawaiian.  i would so love to have that basted before 2013 is history..... 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

sneak peek

here is a quick look at part of the project for maine quilts.  no, pine trees aren't blue with shells on them, just a bit of artistic license.  the plaid fabric was a volunteer gift last year from maine quilts, so it's neat that i'm using it for this year's display piece.  *** up early and eager for today's enjoyment which i hope will include plenty of progress on my 3 current focus projects--autumn change, the maine quilts and prepping pinks/greens.  a couple of errands will round out the day.  **** not much else doing here except watching spring progress and saying goodbye to april.  it's one of those days when i feel i can't sew fast enough or maybe it is just the stash inspiring me; either way, must not be deterred from current "must do" to rack up some finishes that are sorely overdue. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

new header

part of sunday was spent on a little daytripping.  with spring finally here and maine in bloom, it was the perfect day to do so.  the header photo is of nubble light in york, maine.  a real kodak moment place, not to mention the drive along shore road with waves nearly up to the car.  the video is of wells beach where it was sunny and cool with the air heavy with salt air aroma.  *** early this morning finished more of the maine quilts project.  then, pulled fabric for binding autumn change and got that ready.  all in all, a fun enjoyable day!

giveaway winner!

congrats to darlene....and thanks for leaving a comment.  this morning my mom drew the winning name and i have e-mailed darlene for her snail addy.  soon a little giftie will be on its way to her!  and thanks to all who posted comments as well.  **** already it's a gorgeous day and i've sewing fun planned.  had my caffeine and rarin' to go...enjoy today!