Friday, January 29, 2016

also in the works...

this is the scrappy 9-patch from gifted fabrics...can you see yours?  i bought the alternating square fabric at marden's...the pattern called for 3.5 yards but marden's had only 3, so i took it with hopeful anticipation and looks like there will be enough!  something else will be needed for binding but a scrappy binding would be perfect.  there is one row of sawtooth border attached but not pressed as it's waiting for a print border to corral all those bias edges.  as mentioned, this will get donated in honor of those who so willingly shared with me....better than prozac! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

new sew-along

jumped right in with barbara brackman's "westering women" sew-along with these pretty cheddar and indigo fabrics by penny a weak moment last year acquired a FQ bundle that i'll be using for this project.  going from 3" blocks to 12" blocks is a big leap, but this size is a good hand quilting project.  just one FWS block to make and i'll be up to date on ALL sew alongs....for today anyway.  otherwise i'll be quilting on the summer sampler waiting for snow to melt...LOL!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

in the frame!

it's the re-appearance of last year's summer sampler, now basted and heading for a finish...february maybe?  whilst in limbo, it's been easier to focus on smaller projects even tho am anxious to finish my hawaiian, currently bagged up in plastic in the car trunk.  most of my other UFOs are in storage waiting patiently to be reunited with their creator.  until then, it's continue with sew-alongs, including barbara brackman's newbie starting today!  making good use of time and stash until regular life resumes....and since you asked (? maybe), the seaside photos are from east boothbay, a fave spot of my mom's from her younger days where a cousin was married and is the ancient little chapel site of nuptials.  isn't it quaint?  little towns, small churches, picturesque villages, so serene but i'm still a to sew!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


air temp and water temps equal at about 40 so a seaside excursion was in order!  the nearly high tide revealed jonas ' last gasp with the water up over the rocks and onto the narrow street in places.  only a few gawkers like us ventured along the shore road.  the onslaught of seaweed is seen from previous high tides.  the water looked perfectly sea-foam green in the partly sunny sky and was quite rough with high waves in places.  hated to postpone my day's sewing but was glad for the sea air was quite invigorating and a nice change from too-dry house air.  after lunch, communed with phoebe (and still am) sewing the 9-patches into a flimsy and cutting HSTs for the sawtooth border.  glad for the respite from frigid air with the realization that winter is half over and the joy of lengthening daylight! 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

finally a finish!

just this morning took the last stitch in this table topper for my mum, all gifted fabric and only purchase was the batting...not much stash busted but gives me a finish and off the UFO challenge queen's throne!  as far as this week's stash report goes.....well, needed half yard of kona snow to finish something, accidentally ordered a yard and THEN a sticker on my package said i hit the jackpot and got the end of the bolt!  how revolting!  any other time it would have been a welcome bonus but not this year--ended up even steven as the wallhanging busted about 1.5 yards and the kona snow was that.  so final tally....

stash used:  1.5 yards (not official)
stash added:   1.5 yards kona snow

i'll do better next month, a promise i'm making to me!