Saturday, January 21, 2012

FNSI Posting

here they are, 100 orca bay border units all done, ready and waiting for the main part of the flimsy.  of course, i also worked on my amish center diamond too, but getting these puppies finished makes me real happy.  i am still hoping to get this flimsy done by the end of january, though time will tell.  i also finished some purple strippie squares too, but not finished with those yet.  ***** have a touch of the sniffles and since it snowed a tiny bit today, i stayed inside all day.  will be going to bed early tonight with a stephanie plum mystery wearing my cutie cow slipper sox since it's single digits overnight again. 

final border plans

the last border and corner squares will be quilted using these patterns.  quilting this amish center diamond has been real fun, sort of a quilting fantasy.  i've used several long admired patterns on what is essentially a blank slate of fabric.  like all my quilts, it isn't perfect and i don't really care that it isn't.  i am just enjoying the process immensely.  amish quilts and their densely quilted patterns first drew me into quilting, not the patchwork, and this quilt is a culmination of sorts of that first tantalizing attraction. 

Friday, January 20, 2012


this is what i'll be working on tonight for Friday Night Sew-In.  You can see a bit of the other border(s) on the extreme left already done.  the brown corner squares are finished as well with a feathery fleur-de-lis type design.  the white chalk marks are still evident, but it is quilted with matching thread.  i am anxious to see it once the marks have been washed off.   later i'll show the stencils for the final border and corner squares.  the binding is turquoise and already prepped for when the quilting is completed.  i was hoping for a january finish but it's unlikely, maybe february. 

closing in....

on finishing up the purple strippie squares for the orca bay quilt.  here is all that is left, albeit each has only 3-4 strips, so it'll take probably a day to really finish.  then press, cut into triangles, rip out the papers and voila!  ready to put the top together.  what else got done yesterday?  well, marked the final border section on the amish center diamond leaving only the outside border and corner squares to quilt, cut some squares for a giftie quilt and cut some strips for a challenge quilt.  i also did some cross-stitch and pinned some pieces of the feathered star together.  the main project is to finish the orca bay top as the units have taken over my small space.  **** we did get some snow overnight and possibly more on the way, though not deep accumulation.  it's a nuisance but with 40-degree temps on the way, it'll be gone soon.  so far i am liking this winter pretty well; for maine, that is. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

nick of time

just recently this flimsy got basted with a wool batt.  i've never used a wool batt before, but i've heard good review and i like the idea of natural fibers.  during last weekend's bitter cold snap, i actually pulled it out and put it on the bed, with the DWR on top.  the DWR has a cotton batt and has more weight to it than the wool.  i have to say the 2 quilts kept me more than toasty, more so than the cotton batt quilt and the poly batt quilt.  and where it was zero degrees here yesterday morning, today it was 29 degrees, so i put the pinwheel quilt back on the shelf.  it'll be the next big quilt that gets hand quilted.  ***** the center diamond quilt with the cotton/wool batt is coming along.  one more inside border to quilt and then i can start the final outside border.  i also want to finish the feathered star top and get it off the design wall to make room for "fat tuesday on orca bay," for which i've nearly finished all the parts.  TTFN.....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

so thankful....

for many things, obviously, not the least of which is i'm done with the green triangles for orca bay, yippee!  i started out with 350 green/light half square triangles then added 2 more green triangles to each.  even with my dyscalculia, that's 1050 green triangles, yikes!  i can put the few green scraps i have left away now for another project.  the purple strippie squares are not done, though, and i've worked on them today.  that's this week goal, to finish them.  then i can put the whole thing together, so it might be a january finish after all.  ***** also so very thankful for a place to live during this bitter cold snap.  while there were good things in my life when i was homeless, not having a place to stay wasn't one of them.  i do, however, miss my active life.  i had a transit pass, could jaunt around the city when and where i wanted and had a good job too PLUS i was much thinner as well.  those are the things i miss a lot.