Tuesday, June 4, 2013

perfectly portable!

hard to say exactly how long this project has been waiting for some attention.  at this point it is probably my oldest UFO, or one of them anyway.  it is a row quilt project and the maple leaf row is done...easy patchwork.  all that's left are the 4 applique rows and decided to tackle it in earnest.  so row 1 is now ready to applique down.  a good warm weather portable project, i think. it's a brandywine design pattern.  *** today is the june day the poet described along ago...perfect!  ***  got 3 little quilts basted yesterday, so that means could have
3 more finishes very soon, good news indeed!  and it's a good dry day so hoping to mark more on the amish border and get that done in june as well.  plus there are more scraps to be cut up into usable units...how they do multiply!  *** bon voyage to bonnie who is off to Ireland today!  ****  breakfast and the day are calling...enjoy!


  1. I have this pattern! And mine is a UFO too!! I think I will try to find it this summer and work on it again! I seem to recall that I have Rows 1 and 2 done.

  2. My oldest UFOs are from 16 years ago. I need some of your motivation to get the job done!
    This will be a lovely quilt!

  3. ha valido la pena esperar!!! quedo maravilloso

  4. Looks beautiful! Do you glue your pieces down?