Thursday, April 7, 2016

up to date...almost....

with the farmer's wife sew along now that these are done...

finally got the papers all out of these blocks, each with lots of little pieces.  been working on the 365 as well as currently about 2 wks behind on those blocks...but have cut the pieces and once i sit down and sew for a bit, will be caught up as they work up fairly quickly.   busy with settling in issues and finding my way...thank you mapquest!  making lists of where to go once all the unpacking is done, which is still on hold for the van to arrive.  while i love having a professional mover, working within their timetable is simply awful.  and one of the places i found first was this....yep, all-time favorite chicken place.  the day i visited it was school vacation and the restaurant, parking lot and drive-thru were all mobbed. 

this town is so quaint and historical.  the downtown area is chock full of little brick rowhouses that must date back at least 200 years, plus 2 huge park areas, a modern library, an arts center, and plenty of unique stores.  it is so easy (relatively) to find one's way despite the glut of one-way streets and alleys that also surely date back to colonial times.  and francis scott key, the author of our national anthem?  he would be glad to know they have named a mall after him...LOL!  ***  still hugely sleep deprived due to my non-bunk while waiting for furniture.  caffeine only works so long and then it's nap time again.  ***  senior center quilting this morning despite pouring rain.  phoebe and i ventured out with the 365 blocks for some quilty sharing....but no chocolate (hear that vic?)!   then home--love that word home--for a quick lunch and a few errands.  did i mention i really love it here? 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

secret sewing

signed up for doll quilt swap and that is what is currently on board, that plus catching up on farmer's wife...yesterday made 4 blocks in 4 hours and have only 2 more to go.  as for 365, well that is another story.   about 10 days behind on that one, but it's a matter of spending a few hours to get for life in maryland, am loving it!  hoping this is the week of the van's still giddy as a school girl at having my own apartment.  at night just sit and look around, placing things and thinking about how it will look.  have connected with a church very close by as well.  mail is arriving in my mailbox, so guess that means i'm sorta settled.  the craft room is being well used by me, as i can sit and sew, spread my stuff out and watch TV as well...hoping to have photos tomorrow of my blocks.  maybe will get some 365 done today as is cooler and windy and wild.  had to actually wear my wool hat and jacket this morning.  am told this will change soon, tho.   now off to spend the day!