Saturday, October 24, 2015

leader-ing and ender-ing

of course i joined in with the tumbler leader/ender craze by cutting up some gifted 2.5" squares and nickels of these wow mod prints.  no project in mind, just sewin' together and see what comes about.

these are the small tumblers, 2.5" tall, the smallest i'll go. have toyed with the idea of using the rows as borders on something, but we'll see.  hoping to pull more mod fabrics out of the storage stash before finalizing anything to ramp up the variety.  but the colors, oh the colors!  might have some "daydreams" scraps left that would work in nicely.  *** another fine fall day here, on the cool side of course, but it's inevitable.  pulling out the cold weather recipes like apple crisp, new england boiled dinner, homemade veg soup, clam chowder....and a big pot of italian wedding soup is going to be next.  and the dumpling book arrived so a gathering trip to the oriental market is on the list too!  are you hungry yet?  ***  and over on facebook, the coloring diagram of the center medallion of the 365 challenge was posted.  though i have not formally committed to this fantastic, year-long, scrappy project, am mulling it over more and more.  in case you missed it, here's another look--don't mind the drool...

though i like the blues/browns, am thinking scrappy is the way to's a biggie 90" square but thinking more and more it's a challenge that can be tackled like eating an elephant--one bite at a time.  pardon me while i sharpen the incisors...LOL

Friday, October 23, 2015

not quite black/neon...

once again, thanks to the civil war nickels received in a recent swap, found a couple of blacks with sorta bright colors that will have to do for neons this week.  nothing else in the stash comes close and trying not to buy for this sew along if it can be avoided.

also found in the nickels was another celestial....arcs of tiny that'll be the 3rd for this week.  spent a bit of time chronicling my star photos in a separate page in this blog and amazed to see how many have finished since january.  i think this sew along wraps up by the new year, just when the 365 challenge starts, so with 10 more weeks or so, another 30-ish will be added.  have really learned a lot about printed fabric so far.  this gets me caught up on both sew along blocks for the weekend.  not much else of interest here in lobsterville.  looking forward to another spectacular autumn weekend and the waning foliage show....

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

katherine and susannah

angie aka gnomeangel, our chief admin on the FWS project, posted 2 blocks yesterday, and since the old viking was already set up, decided to get them done.  the weekly stars got set aside for these..

happy to say that the fabrics used in these blocks came from small scraps that are now just about all used and nearly gone from the stash.  this color variety wasn't my first choice, but these were on hand and was determined to shop the stash exclusively--if possible--for this project; have been able to do just that with the exception of 2-3 FQs purchased.  ***  might just leave the old viking ready to go for the stars and whatever else might inspire works just that way!

ADDENDUM:  post office has informed me now that my mail is being sent to NH not NJ....difference of about 400 miles as the crow flies...???

old maid and coral

two latest blocks in the FWS are now done, just have to rip out the papers.  am doing this as i go along to avoid a big mess/task later on.  got my stars cut out as well which'll get sewn together today or tomorrow.  thank goodness for sewing; it's a pleasant diversion from challenges of daily grind.  but "this too shall pass," and immediately would be nice.  missing my stash and stuff in storage, not to mention winter clothing, which will be needed sooner if not later. 

in the meantime, will keep calm and sew on!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

not quilt related....

the USPS has no sympathy from me.  quite frankly, pony express was probably much more efficient than what we have currently.  i had a PO box which i gave up--given my current state of temporary location, plus it was pricey--and forwarded my mail to general delivery, which is kept in a cabinet a mere 12 feet away.   so where is my mail?  well, it comes to the post office and instead of going to the aforementioned cabinet, gets sent to NEW JERSEY?????  yes, folks, have been informed that all forwarded mail goes directly to NEW JERSEY no matter what state one forwards mail from/to.   that is the central forwarding facility location.  so the question as to why the PO is in dire financial straits is partly explained by this ridiculous, convoluted system, one function--excuse me "service"--that our national postal system provides at no cost to the taxpayer i might add.  if you believe that, then i have a bridge to sell you, also located (no coincidence) in NEW JERSEY!!!!   so, no magazines, no flyers, no junk mail (not missed), no catalogs for nearly a month, just 2-3 letters, 2 that were sent from here in maine and apparently did not get the trip to NEW JERSEY as they arrived in less than a week to me personally.  so the next time you go into any post office to buy cute little stamps, mail a letter or pick up a package, take a look around and see what you are getting for your postage dollars....and pray that you never need their forwarding service.   i'm not mad or angry, just totally confused as to who thought up this system and why it has continued so long despite not really working very well.  ***   aside from my unproductive trip to the post office today, hoping to catch up with FWS blocks and do some other fun sewing, plus some just plain R&R time on another soon-to-be nice autumn day.  keep calm and keep quilting!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


it was miss t. in the living room with the rotary cutter....she murdered a FQ of a gorgeous "baltimore beauties" neutral.   other scraps were also similarly mutilated on this low-key sunday where yes, we also saw a few minutes' worth of snow flurries.  hoping elly sinkiewicz understands.....

also sent to an early demise was the last zuke in the drawer for some delish zucchini bread that i bake in a rectangle.  with spices, nuts and raisins it makes a tasty autumn treat, especially toasted with butter for breakfast or anytime really.   half will get frozen for another day when the cooking bug is hibernating.

these days don't bake an awful lot but there are some things that are traditional, like this.  but that may change when this book arrives....

every time i watch anthony bourdain in an asian country slurping a soup dumpling or noshing on various bao, i want to try them.  hoping this will prove to be an excellent guide book for my own versions.  i already have gordon ramsay's book with his sticky rib recipe that is on my must try back to relaxation with hexies, waiting for PBS dramas to start...i love sunday nights!