Saturday, August 9, 2014

two for two

can hardly believe it myself, the queen of too many project starts!  it's week 2 of the sew-a-long and there are 2 blocks done!  block 2 on the right got sewn this morning after getting up early and having a quick breakfast.  my fabrics were pulled from stash rather than buying the kit, and truthfully, i wasn't enthralled with them, but now that blocks are together, they are working together just fine.  *** in addition to these blocks, also got some swap sewing done.  next up is to tie the baby quilt and continue on with the hawaiian.  also have to get cracking on some swap blocks that are due late september.  all in all, a most productive and enjoyable weekend that included some much needed beach time as well.  keep calm and sew on!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

using it up

when life quilts give you scraps, gotta use them up.  today making yet another project from daydreams scraps.  and not done using them up yet.  those 2 layer cakes aka 10" square bundles i bought will be spread around plenty.  most of what is left will only yield inchies; that is 1.5" squares for a UFO in progress.  but there are still some triangles left for pieces a bit larger, probably 2.5" that will be ideal for most anything.  thanks to bonnie hunter, i visualize my scraps as being part of yardage that was paid for with real money, meaning scraps have plenty of monetary value.  anything that ends up in the trash can is money down the drain.  have you checked your trash can lately?  of course, more scraps means an overflowing scrap basket of which i have 2, so there will be plenty of scrappy sewing in my future.   **** this is my weekend and so far it's been wonderful.  a rainy day is  sewing day but hoping for some beach weather tomorrow.  gotta jam as much fun as possible into 2 days off! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

cabana daydreams reality

yes, it is a flimsy now!  it is 2 rows shorter than the pattern for reasons totally frugal....i like to keep my tops so i can use 90" muslin as backing and 2 more rows would be a tad too wide.  also, i ran out of yellow print triangles.  thinking of using a white flannel instead of a batt so it would be an ideal summer topper.  it will be hand quilted of course....probably a 2015 finish.  **** still working on the hawaiian, or i should say playing, because that really is the correct verb.  ***  now that CD is a flimsy, can move on to some swap blocks and a couple of small projects swirling around in the gray matter.  first up, though, is to tidy the sewing space, send the remaining triangles to the scrap basket and enjoy the rest of the summer.   **** retreat is a mere 80 days away--2 months plus--and have already started my list.  plan to devote september to finishing up a donation for B3--bob's blankie brigade--and cross THAT off the UFO list.  **** my weekend starts tonight and vacuum is at the top of the to-do list!  PS the new header photo is our nearby coast during the tail end of a hurricane a few years ago....10 foot waves....awesome!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

brief nonquilty detour

a shocking detail became apparent to me yesterday....janet lennon, who is very, very slightly older than me, is now singing with her GRANDDAUGHTERS!  that's right, her granddaughters are now part of the singing lennon legacy.  while nowadays lawrence welk and his show are the butt of negative humor, the fact is that during the 1950s his show was very big.  as a young girl in the 1950s, i spent a lot of time at my grandmother's house and with my aunts, the younger two who were typical 50s gals.  there was a hi-fi there and plenty of records, many 78s of the WWII era and some pop 50s stuff like perry como, les paul and mary ford, etc.  that is where my love of music was fed.  and i totally adored the lennon attractive, accomplished, talented, always every hair in place and pretty outfits.  my youngest aunt had this album and i must have played it a zillion times.  in the 60s and 70s i desperately tried to get a copy but failed.  now, though, mp3 is magical and it is available.  went to check on one of my fave gal groups and found out about janet and her granddaughters.  where did the time go?  how do i make it slow down?  the great thing is, when i play "christmas island", i can close my eyes and i'm right back there in 1958 playing the red  45s and singing along....

Monday, August 4, 2014

design wall monday

only 3 days into august and have made good progress on finishing up the applique for my hawaiian quilt.  the center portion (pictured) and 2 of the quadrants are done....can i get the other 2 done in august?  we shall see....icky weather weekend equals more sewing time, but beach weather is returning some time this week.  ****  yesterday had to do some resewing on the baby quilt top.  the stripe i used absolutely required that all stripes should go in the same direction, so required a fix.  the backing is on orange with white polka after a wash/dry, can work on getting that tied and finished.  ***  today working on cabana daydreams for a while.  the flimsy top is over half done and hoping to get that completed between today and tomorrow.  ***** with handwork project lined up for the near future, the machine work can focus on the projects in my WIP storage an upcoming swap of blocks and the weekly sew-a-long.  enough to keep me occupied?  no problem!