Saturday, February 9, 2013

marshmallow world

it's winter and it's a blizzard; to be sure a bit worse than we've seen in oh 35 years, but they do come now and then.  we are in full disaster mode here--provisions at the ready that can be consumed at room temp, plenty of warm clothes, windows packed to keep out fierce winds--now we just wait....with power luckily!

Friday, February 8, 2013

mod sewing

during quilt cam tonight, sewed up these little 3.5 inch kansas dugout blocks from the mod fabrics i picked up in lancaster last october.  i have a project in mind and will need a few more, like 40 or so.  but they sew up quick as you can see.  they are from a stack of 25 FQs i got at burkholder's and, after getting them home and washed, grouped the ones that had similar colors to think about what i might do with them.  i think they are kinda cute; there are a couple more fabrics i haven't used yet, one being a neutral geometric print, which i think should give the eye some rest from these.  the turquoise swirly print was from my stash though.   the project is a bag for my laptop.  **** and yes, we ARE in the midst of a HUGE blizzard here.  so far today it wasn't THAT bad, but supposedly the worst will be thru tonight and tomorrow morning.  i am pretty sure i have enough UFOs to keep me busy, providing the power stays on.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

an unexpected gift....

from a new face-to-face friend.  today denise was able to take time from her busy country life showing me around to some new-to-me shops.  it was cold but sunny and, more important, clear roads.  she and i just finished our "christmas wishes" flimsies and hers is soooo christmas-y with gorgeous green and red prints, like mine, but different of course.  she gifted me with these special items...the book, scissors, some FQs and her delish home-made jam!  i know what i'm having for breakfast tomorrow!  a yummy lunch was enjoyed with lots of girl chat and getting to know one another.  i got to see her adorable chickens as well.  we ended the day early afternoon to get ready for our coming blizzard, each with plans to get some sewing done while housebound, no doubt.  ****  now i'm making a quiche and cooking a pizza, foods that can be eaten at room temp should the need arise.  i might have to have my breakfast jam tonight just in case....

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

turns out....

it wasn't anywhere near rocket science to figure out this block from the pieces.  in fact, it took me all of about 20 seconds to lay it out AND sketch a diagram for future reference.  this is going to be one of the civil war repro scrappy quilts in order to "thin the herd" a bit.  these pieced blocks alternate with solid 6" blocks----great for hand quilting!  and don't worry, it only LOOKS a bit wonky in the photo, rest assured it does lie good is that?  **** cold, flurries, gray, occasional dull rays of sun thru the overcast skies; that's our winter day today; good day for a good book and just relaxing. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

never too early...

to think about Christmas, no siree!  here is my little "christmas wishes" wallhanging (designed by gail pan) ready for basting/quilting/binding.  those little HSTs just make my heart go pitter-patter....i love them!  the binding will be the green print and it SHOULD be ready to hang come December 1st.  it is amazing what can be done in just a few hours, especially when there are several projects near completion.  ****  today i have a bit of a puzzle to solve.  i wrote down the size & number of pieces for a scrappy civil war repro flimsy but (gulp) i didn't include a diagram of the block.  so i have to cut the pieces and play around with them until i have what i think is the block.  then i will ABSOLUTELY draw the block for future reference.  ****  and one day very soon i must have a basting day; plenty of little quilts that need basting so they can be finished. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

just takes 2....

so far, and i hope you don't get a stiff neck looking at it....LOL!  our floor space is sparse so i laid it out on the bed and had to place it sideways to get the entire top half in the photo.  good thing, too, as you can't really see the block that is a bit wonky.  the more i do on this project, the better i like it.  the theme, of course, was to use 2 colors in the project and i chose browns because that's what i had enough of to use.  i thought it would be dull but as you can see--and i hope you do--that the variety of browns is pleasant to the eye.  i haven't yet put the propellers on the 2 airplane blocks, not sure if i will or not.  anyway, today i'm back at it and got another block done and part of a second.  the rate i'm going the "just takes 2" will mean "just takes 2 years".....LOL!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


i totally forgot to add this to my previous post.... GO RAVENS!

small flimsy

these are my 12 little house blocks all put together in a small quilt top.  i really love these little blocks and if i had no other UFOs or plans for new projects, i'd definitely  make a lot more.  as all quilters know too well, they hardly use up much fabric at all, though.  i used red for the doors in all blocks in homage to my first quilting teacher who had a shop with a red door.  ****  next up is more on "just takes 2" and finish the HST sashing for "christmas wishes."  **** i've also started on "baby emma" with my luscious jo morton fabrics.  these plus quilting on "autumn change" are my current projects.  first up, though, get the sunday papers!