Wednesday, July 23, 2014

buying time

this is a quilt i made for my dad back in the 1980s......a hand pieced and hand quilted drunkard's path variation.  it has seen better days and plenty of use.  are the patches fraying? not at all, but the binding, which i did by turning the back to the front, has frayed.  with still some useful years left, my task now is to add a new, sturdier binding until it breathes its last.  repairing old quilts is not nearly as much fun as making new ones, but can't quite part with this one yet.  ****  all the baby quilt squares are cut and ready to assemble.  first, though, must finish the cabana daydreams flimsy.  ****  summer continues with plenty of fun inside and outside left to enjoy! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

eye candy male, er mail

yesterday's post included this....the calendar from sisters' quilt show!  it had been ordered some time ago and has been anticipated ever since.  well worth the wait too i can tell you.  aside from the "scenery" the quilts are gorgeous, inspirational and downright beautiful.  now i need a nice new sewing space fit for these hunks....LOL

Monday, July 21, 2014

2nd july finish

another UFO has bitten the dust, albeit a small one with hardly any stash busted.  adding this to my collection of little quilts that will be displayed at some point.  and guess what, can't even see that ugly fabric she pawned off on me because it really isn't thank you!  *** the just takes 2 has been washed and need to go back and repair a couple of spots, which i expected might happen.  no biggie....and the deck is cleared for cabana daydreams flimsy finish, my next project focus.  first up is to finish a little swap project, then the baby quilt for august machine project, the hawaiian for handwork.  before any of this can get tackled, the sewing table must be cleared off.  ****  hard to believe summer is 2/3 gone because even though we get wonderful summer weather in september, our minds tell us it's really fall.  for now, going to try enjoy every summer day possible.  now time to play!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

looks who's here!

today the old viking came out to play!  recently i had read on the vintage machine site about the problems with this model and recalled my repairman telling me to be sure and turn the dials every day to prevent them from seizing up....a broken camstack was fixed for that very reason.  while i was homeless, the machine was in cold storage, the most likely cause of the broken part.  so, today i pulled it out and did some mending with the zig-zag and promptly cut up some fabric for a baby boy quilt, threaded 'er up and she is ready to roll.  though she isn't in pristine condition, for 35 years old she still runs like new and has traveled many miles, not the least of which was the horrid time in storage.   my magnetic poetry adorns her for inspiration.   if you can't read it, it says (from top to bottom) still sweet friend and gorgeous apparatus always"  and then "winter sings as tiny bitter diamonds".   **** had to make a marden's run for an upcoming block swap and was sorely tempted but was able to limit myself to 4.5 yards total, some of which is for some swaps and a piece for this baby quilt, so actual accumulation is very minor.  but oh the fun i could have much beautiful fabric that i scooted in and out quickly.  **** a gray and dreary day here so not a beach day, which is good.  many other little things that needed to be done.  now off to play!