Saturday, June 25, 2011

friday's fun

this is my jacob's ladder block that bonnie showed on her blog the other day.  the quick cutting and sewing method was indeed that.  i thought i might make a wallhanging with some of my florals, but for now it'll be an orphan-in-waiting. 
all these little strips and squares got cut from scraps.  the scraps do accumulate and every so often i have to take some time and repurpose them into usable shapes....squares and strips.  the plaids are actually going into another project, but the rest just go into their respective shoeboxes for whatever.  the pinks will get used in a baby quilt top, again for whatever.

Friday, June 24, 2011

the stash truth

on a whim this morning, i pulled out ALL my fabric stash and put it on my bed to see exactly (well, close enough) how much fabric i had. photos are from both sides of bed.  i was pleased to see it does all fit on top of the bed, albeit quite snugly.  also on far left against wall (top photo) is what's left of a bolt of muslin and 5 yards of kona white folded.  my plan and hope is to use up most of this, if not all, in my lifetime or at least before i end up in a subsidized shoebox of my own.  what this picture doesn't include are those quilts or flimsies waiting to be basted or quilted.  those are on top of the shelving unit along with the finished items.  *** raining heavily here this morning, so good day to retreat along with the stashbusters.  i probably won't finish anything but could get close.  plus, more quilting on lovers' links will be accomplished.  **** oh, and the red/white schoolhouse piece?  there are no windows and not sure if i'll add them.  i kind of like it minimalist the way it is, but i will try the windows to make sure. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a perfect day

a seafood shack lunch?  $15
gas for the car?  $25
a lazy drive through flowery glades, the green/blue ocean, boats to gaze at, time spent with relatives....priceless!

ready to baste

this little piece is now ready to baste and quilt.  i took this photo from an angle, which explains the wonkiness of the photo.  after viewing all the red and white quilts displayed in new york earlier this year, i was compelled to make one of my own.  in my new sense of frugality of time, i made a wallhanging instead of a larger piece.  the binding will be more of the red.  my desire to make the schoolhouse block has been quenched, even though i'd really like to have a big quilt in this pattern. ***** just this morning started quilting the lovers' links quilt.  now that summer is officially here, and with temps climbing to 80s today, i'm not sure how long it will take to quilt this bed quilt, but pretty sure it will be done by the time autumn rolls around.  first up, though, is to finish the spools piece to cross off another UFO from the list. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

saturday squishie

these little gals arrived in saturday's cute!  they are all fused, ready to get put into some adorable projects.  i have a few in mind already!  i'll add them to my list, of course.  this weekend i did get the lovers' links quilt all basted, a dicey task in my very small space.  but it's done and i've got my quilting patterns ready to start the quilting.  with the weather warming up, this quilt and the hawaiian will be worked on as temperatures allow.  ***** this coming weekend is an official stashbuster retreat to work on small stuff.  there's a stack of odd pieces that need to morph into strips and squares, plus i have 3 small pieces ready to baste--the red/white schoolhouse, a christmas tablerunner and the moda wreath.  course, i still have 4 days before the retreat starts, so those could be done before then.  ***** a sunny, beautiful monday and i've got my week's tasks outlined and ready to start!