Saturday, January 24, 2015

scrappy AND snowy....

weather outside today was frightful so took the opportunity to corral that pile of scraps; fired up the old iron and ended up with these piles of 2.5" squares, inchies, 1.5" strips and 2"strips.  to be fair, many of them were already 2" wide but it did amass quite a few that'll now need a home of their own until they can be used.  seems like have had many "scrappy" days lately, but no doubt due to using up stash, or at least trying to.  **** being just about no-buy since late last year, my resolve has been sorely taxed to have to delete so many email sale notifications and new fabric photos.  the fact is, even if i continued to buy regularly, couldn't begin to get all the fabric i's a sickness for sure!  ***  and can you believe?  a week from tomorrow is february....month of groundhogs, valentines and ever lengthening days here in lobsterville....all good!

Friday, January 23, 2015

scrappy thursday

while trying to decide on the next project, was confronted with the bin of 2.5" strips which, putting it mildly, was in disarray, not to mention that all weren't even 2.5" wide so.....sat down, dumped it out and proceeded to bring order out of chaos.  found that the most were red and brown, few blues and hardly any yellows or pinks.  quite a stack of neutrals also.  did participate in some swaps last year which explains the findings.  the right side pile is stuff that doesn't belong, so will deal with "later".  the left is the newly organized strip stash, a temporary fix until a better system can be utilized.  hoping organization mojo will hold until can resolve completely.  right side pile includes some very short pieces that will go into 2.5" squares, the rest into usable strips.  playing in scraps is almost as fun as buying new fabrics and way more frugal doncha know!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

week 2 - prussian blue!

these fabrics were the closest i could find for this week's challenge.  most of my stash is packed up but i did leave out some civil war fabrics.  pretty sure there are others in a box someplace.  making just these few blocks every week makes it easy to keep up in this year-long project.  hoping that soon all my stash will be accessible and organized.  have had word on the move and could be before spring, which would make me happy indeed.  ***  the hawaiian is coming along and now that sewing commitments are done, can move on to another machine project.  good thing books are packed as well or i'd be tempted to start another new....yeah, my stash is THAT gorgeous!  soooo, which one will it be?  wait and see!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

LOTL part deux....done!

weekend task of finishing up these blocks accomplished....gosh, did you ever see a batik fabric that wasn't drop-dead gorgeous?  me first stop today is the post office to send these along.  these 18 plus the 24 from last year will give me a generous twin size quilt top some time later this year.  and thanks to winter weather, have almost half the hawaiian quilted...the orange part; haven't started the white background portion yet.  shameless bragging on how pretty it is and how the quilting really makes the quilt...isn't that always the way? as for the next machine project?  well, next is the 3 star blocks showcasing prussian blue civil war fabrics and then....think the amish style ocean waves flimsy really needs to be finished.  once that top is done thinking a basting day will be in order as there are more than a few that are ready.  **** and are you in for the APQ 4-patch sew along?  not sure if i'll make a full size quilt but maybe a smaller version.  have added the badge to my sidebar.  though have dropped Quilters Newsletter mag due to cost, did pick up the American Patchwork and Quilting mag in its place at half the cost; this plus Quiltmaker are more than enough to keep current on quilty stuff.  ***  been busy since 5 am so taking a short break before continuing on with the's cold and sunshiny and just right to sew!