Saturday, October 11, 2014


the empty scrap basket was a short-lived is one of them now...the other is still empty but as you can see, some have already accumulated in this one.  it happens before you know it....and there will probably be more until the scrappy donation is a flimsy.  it is a delightful problem, to have an embarrassment of riches such as a fairly good-size stash.  not as large as some but not as small as some either.  what can i say..i just love fabric and working with it.  i think with the retreat trip, i might just reach my saturation point, at least with space.  i am trying to use it up, really i am.  plenty of ideas for projects.....ah what bliss!

Friday, October 10, 2014

swap blocks

got these lovelies in the mail the other day.....aren't they gorgeous!  this is half of the Lady of the Lake Block Swap; the other half will come in January i the UFO list grows....  no sewing today shopping and a half-day trip to the clipper merchant tea room with mom for some tea, soup and very good!  and the foliage is definitely peak in my surrounds...with the sun shining on the leaves, it is magical!  ***  2 weeks now to retreat; next week at this time i'll be getting out the suitcase and putting things together.  as anxious as i am to start my quilty vacation, i know it will be over way too soon.  that's how it goes usually....but i know i'll enjoy every moment. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

scrappy alphabet progress

while it is true that i cut up all my scraps, some were set aside to finish this little sew along project...the scrappy alphabet!  like the big scrappy currently in progress, this little one will use the yellow as the sashing to bring it all together.  there are also a few random patchwork blocks to even out the'll be a cute finish and a nice giveaway to the right person when done.  ***  already working at the machine this sunny autumn morning.  retreat is coming fast and still have a few things to finish before i can start packing.  even though i have time to sew when in maine, getting together with old and new friends for nonstop fun is sooo enjoyable...i can hardly wait!  but first, back to the old viking!

Monday, October 6, 2014

super sewing sunday....

it was one of those days when everything was aligned and spent the ENTIRE day sewing, well most of it.  i did work some on the hawaiian, but the rest of the time was at the machine and look what got done.  first, 2 rows completely done on the scrap quilt, then most of the rest of the squares done and ready to add, plus lots of strips cut out of the yellow PLUS some sewing on another quilt from a jelly roll given to me by victoria.  the scrappy is coming along nicely...i am thinking about that plaid piece that might get changed....but other than that, i am liking this a lot.  the backing and batting are on hand so it will be a fairly quick finish.  *** this morning already at the old viking trying to finish up all the squares so i can then put the top together.  this will have a total of 7 rows and it did make a significant dent in my 2.5" strip go tackle your list!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

in progress...

this is a scrappy quilt made from a pattern given to me at last year's retreat.  it was originally done with bali pop batiks and black for the outline, but when i saw it, was thinking of how i could bust some scraps.  dug into my box of 2.5" strips already cut (thank you bonnie!) and picked up a few more yellow/gold pieces and here is my version.  the centers are 5" squares, also on hand.  the whole thing is outlined in the yellow/gold 1.5" strips.  it will be tied and WILL be finished to take with me for Bob's Blankie Brigade.  plus, it'll get another UFO off my list's a win/win! ****  end of another week and retreat is coming up fast.  preparations are in full swing and the to-do list is getting shorter, along with the days.  the summer feel is definitely gone here in southern maine, and winter preparations are seen everywhere.  autumn recipes are re-appearing and soup makings are always on hand now.  our summer was cooler than normal and it almost seems like it was never here.  the beach bag is finally tucked away, waiting on summer's return......