Saturday, February 23, 2013

spring on my mind

a quickie project that will use up nearly all the FQs of this line, "summer breeze," purchased in Lancaster last october.  so, despite my current fabric storage issues, there really is progress on the stash busting front.  since returning from retreat, i've used up the batik bali pop, these FQs, 3 yards of another background, some plum solid (about 1 yard so far), about 1.5 yards of a green solid for an amish style quilt, some small solid pieces for the same quilt and some mod fabrics for the laptop bag.  there'll be a sewing marathon between now and whenever "blue variety" arrives in order to make space for a bit of that.  as of 2 days ago, i'm deleting ALL emails from fabric spots....i simply have to!

Friday, February 22, 2013

indigo crossing and more

this is most of what the trip to cyndi's shop came home with me.  the indigo crossing FQs, 2 jo morton FQs, 2 solid cheddar and 1 print cheddar, 2 from the "new colonies" line....not pictured is a short stack of dargate indigos, a poison green FQ, a black print FQ, a blue/cream toile FQ, and a couple of other misc pieces.  cyndi told me jo morton has yet ANOTHER line coming out april (maybe), which i've seen on the andover site.  not sure if any of those will be added to the stash or not.  as of now, the room is pretty much full so time to do some rearranging and some flinging.....and more sewing, of course!  hmm, do i really need a dresser and a bed? 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

a "busy" day....

as mentioned, among other plans for the day was a visit to cyndi's shop "the busy thimble."  as you can see, it is oh-so quaint and country looking with a nice picnic table out front for warmer days.  on the porch were some sale bolts but nothing called to me as i walked by.  inside the little shop was full of shoppers and many bolts of lovely reproduction fabrics.  i had pre- ordered my "indigo crossing" so just browsed while others were served.  along with the ordered fabric, i selected a couple of jo morton fabrics, some "new colonies", some FQs earmarked for projects and 2 cheddar to follow another day.  good thing i spent the time before leaving sewing up and cutting up....i need the room!  on the wall was a log cabin done in barn raising style; blocks were about 3.5" finished.....simply gorgeous!  cyndi's love of small quilts is evidenced by the many on display.  i'll be making another pilgrimage in early april to see new goodies not yet arrived.  if you love reproduction fabrics and are ever in maine, you simply MUST go here. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

baby emma progress

ok, so this is my baby emma center block so far.  i admit the applique intimidated me just a tad, but proceeding carefully resulted in a pretty good look.  still a bit more to do for the finished block; then on to the patchwork part.  i think these fabrics are totally gorgeous, they are jo morton's "spice market" and such rich hues.  this project is for odd moments and it just proves how much can be accomplished in time that might otherwise be wasted or frittered away.  **** slow start this morning due to a serious bad habit of mine....reading too late.  finished "gone girl" and it is scarier at the end than in the beginning.  have to find something not so intense for late night after work wind down for sure!  **** now on to the ironing station for some boring but necessary tasks.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

finished blocks

all 12 blocks for the scrappy indigo are done!  here are the 2 piles--6 of each.  i'm now working on the flying geese border and thinking about using those little bonus triangle HSTs...or not.  during quiltcam bonnie remarked about the beauty of blue and white quilts and i totally agree!  in addition to machine work, i've been quilting on the autumn change, hoping for a finish by the end of march.  **** boston commons has returned from the longarmer and is basted, waiting for quilting as well.  one day soon must put up the large folding table and tie the batik/plum and baste a whole stack of the little quilts.  i am thinking to spend one whole month finishing up the little ones some time when the weather is much warmer, which is definitely NOT february.  after our brief sojourn into spring, it's back frigid and very windy.  **** and if you read, you MUST get "gone, girl".....a completely riveting and "can't put down" book.  now back to the regularly scheduled sewing!