Friday, July 29, 2011

2 gone, 1 on hold

photo by jim deal of one of the norfolk eaglets after release.  the 2 males took flight without issue; the female is on hold.  due to the heat and her new transmitter, she was overly stressed on the day of release and didn't take flight.  she's back at the wildlife center until another day when (hopefully) she will join her 2 siblings in the skies over the james river.  you can see more at the wildlife center of virginia's website and see just how huge these majestic juveniles have grown.  they are adult size now and all their devotees are hoping for good outcomes, though statistics do not support same.  we are all hoping the widowed adult male will find a mate and more chicks will hatch next year to watch and follow.  it's way better than TV!

down to the wire

so far there are 7 rows sewn together and only 6 more needed for this quilt.  i have a batt and need to work within the parameters of that, which is why it's a bit narrower than most quilts i make.  i have another 5 strips all ready and only 1 more to assemble, so it's nearly a flimsy!  i might make the august 1st self-imposed deadline after all....could be!  this means i have emptied another shoebox and my UFO list is will be getting shorter soon.  i might not have another finish until fall, though, which isn't that far did THAT happen?  **** next up from the list has to be the red/cream north wind already in progress, which is a machine project.  in the meantime, my handwork projects are the lovers' links and the amish pinwheel. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

tuesday's bargain find

trekked to staples yesterday for mechanical pencil leads and happened on this nifty item.....graph paper composition books.  and the price?  a whopping 50 cents each!  so i grabbed up 2 which should last me the next 10 years or so.  i have a small graph paper notebook that fits into my purse, but lately i've been drawing out patterns on regular lined paper, so these will be a big improvement.  ***** hate to brag, but the temps yesterday were in the 60s and it's been a very cool and dry night, perfect for sleeping or just about anything else.  i've been getting jealous e-mails from those still suffering interminable heat, but come february i'll be the envious one.  unless you are a winter sport person, maine is simply horrid in winter. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011


our oppressive heat has gone south (literally) and we are free from the A/C hum....for now anyway.  this morning the windows got opened, the little fan went back in the window and we are breathing outside refreshing air.  the first thing i heard was a squawking seagull in our parking lot.  i looked out and he had a small brown bag that had been crumpled up and he was desperately trying to get at the food inside.  he finally succeeded and then went on to the next "buffet" leaving the brown bag behind, empty.