Thursday, March 12, 2015

springtime in naples

naples, maine, that is...due to a severe case of cabin fever and temps finally cracking 50 degrees, we took a leisurely drive to north conway, nh, and back thru little towns.  this is naples, maine, a bustling and crowded summer tourist destination partly due to now-disguised long lake.  in other seasons, it is a busy, beautiful, large lake.  as a pre-teen attended summer camp on the shores of long lake where i once again flunked swimming lessons and fine-tuned popsicle stick crafting and lanyard weaving.  if you find yourself in the area, worth a trip to see its unfrozen state.  ***  not much sewing going on in my neck of the woods.  aside from the hawaiian that seemingly has no end in sight and a few star blocks, the old viking is resting.  nearly all the stash is in boxes, and each day more things get unearthed that need to be packed.  would like to pack up the car but it's a bit early for that with just over 2 weeks to go before departure date.  in the meantime, basking in emerging spring and delicious sunshiny days....

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

spring tease

revisiting a springy wallhanging made a couple of years apropos for a day like today with temps in the mid-40s and tomorrow up to 50 good is that?  busy here in lobsterville packing for the move in about 3 weeks.  today pulled trudy out of her cabinet and she will ride shotgun with me for the trip.  she is tucked away in my LL Bean canvas bag and should arrive no worse for wear.  most everything is packed now except the old viking and the barest of necessities--dishes and the like.  made one last marden's run for some stash that i'll show another day.  making plans for one more fried clam dinner and some lobster too before arriving in crab country.  so delighted this has finally come about and looking forward to some southern friends and fun.