Friday, August 19, 2011


it's Friday Night Sew-In!  if you are looking for me, i'll be at the old viking working on my red/cream north wind....and watch tomorrow for photos of my progress!

L is for....

lobster, of course!  on our way to the beach, a lobsterman sells his catch out of his garage.  i've been watching the prices slowly decrease until yesterday when they were rock bottom.  so, i stopped and picked up 6 of the lovelies for a late summer feast.  this time of year, the lobsters shed their shell and grow a new, larger one.  there is a little less meat in a "shedder" as opposed to a hard shell lobster, but it is sweet and succulent; hence, the lower price.  at the fish market, cooked lobster is about $35 a pound, usually only claw and knuckle meat.   i picked out these 6 and got just over 2 pounds of cooked meat for about $28, which included the bodies as well.  i even sucked out the legs, which have only a sliver of meat but oh so good!  it's a labor intensive task but for the price, certainly worth the effort.  one of the benefits of our coastal locale is the abundance of fresh seafood year round. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

block #3

block #3 is done BUT i see after photographing that the dark green is more of a green/brown value, so this will be a do-over.  i might have to find a FQ of this color as i don't think i have any repros that will suit.  off to marden's i guess......what a hardship.....LOL!  it would be nice if i could get 2 blocks done every week, though that's more of an ideal situation than a firm plan, especially when i go back to work.  since there's no rush, just have to see how it goes....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

119 to go

with 121 blocks, the civil war diary quilt is akin to a dear jane EXCEPT the blocks are larger, very little applique and no complicated border.  the challenge is to match the colors and to execute the blocks precisely.  i've gotten these 2 blocks done already.  i'm not working in order front to back (of book) but rather building my confidence by starting out with simple geometric blocks. no time frame at all to get this done, simply to do it well and have fun with the patterns and those luscious repro fabrics.

it's coming....

that's right, just a few months away we'll be gathering together to celebrate thanksgiving.  happy to say i got invited out!  not sure if we'll have turkey or not, but it doesn't matter.  ****** no real sewing to report from tuesday, just a bit of this and that.  today i hope will be different as i do have a few (!!) projects that need attention.  ***** rain has finally gone and left us with a good day today.  i have the window open and have just heard the plane for baltimore take off; it's the one i usually take when i go.  wish i lived closer to DD and her husband but the plane trip is only 1.5 hours so that isn't too bad at all. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

just like a quilter

the purples pinwheel puzzle isn't even DONE yet and i've already found fabrics to make another.  it's leftover batiks and i am so anxious to bust my stash, i put together this little stack for yet another pinwheel puzzle.  the neutral on the left will be the background/border and there are 13 colors for the pinwheels.  ***** last night got to quilt some on the lovers' links.  this is very good!  it should be done by fall for certain.  i'm using 2 different motifs for the white spaces and it'll be my primary handwork piece until finished.  ****** the rain is mostly over and it's a bit warmer today, though cloudy and dreary.  this, too, shall pass of course!

Monday, August 15, 2011


no photo today as i'm sure everyone has seen rain, which is what it has been doing here all day today.  we have no danger of flooding where we are, but not far away on the coast it does happen.  it is chilly!  to go from nearly 80 to 62 is noticed here, even though cold is relative in maine.  for a february day, for instance, this would be balmy!  had to don the thermal, long-sleeve top and kept my socks on all day long.  it's an ideal night to quilt on the lovers' links, which is exactly what i am going to do.  ***** my new read is "caleb's crossing," about the first native american graduate of Harvard, a Martha's Vineyard Wampanoag, though much is fiction.  the book came out at the ideal time as a descendant of his graduated Harvard this past june.  as a native new englander, i know much about the area's history, so the locale is familiar.  oh yeah, the overnight temp is predicted to be 57!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

early sunday sewing

me and the old viking were up early this morning listening to Itunes and finishing up this little piece showed earlier.  i got the 2 borders done, MORE HSTS!!!!  it's a teensy, weensy wonky on one end, probably from over-zealous ironing, but really rather OK considering. i am pretty pleased with it because i really hate doing all these HSTs.  but as i said, i measured twice, cut very carefully and it really made it as easy as could be.  now the remnants are in the stash, the book shelved and on to finish piecing the pinwheel runner.  we've a few cool, cloudy and rainy days so quilting the lovers' links is the TV project for certain.  so glad we got some serious beach time in before the weather changed.  i love, love, love the oean!