Saturday, January 26, 2013

batik flimsy

yesterday finally got the batik blocks assembled into a flimsy.  i am sooo loving that plum solid, thank you Janet L.!  this will be tied and is spoken for already, so hopefully another finish soon?  i hope.... **** our frigid weather continues with wool socks and fleece pants in constant use.   we do usually get a short spell of this every year, except last winter, so it isn't uncommon and is tolerable.  **** quilting continues on the autumn change quilt, a perfect pastime for this time of year.  maybe 2 finishes at once?  perfect! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

first fabric find

well, nearly got through the month without bringing home any new fabric.....nearly.   was cruising around on ebay and found these FQs at a good price.  always drawn in by paisley fabrics and anything blue as well.  i bid on several other items but got outbid quickly beyond what i felt was a good deal.  **** today is "love your local quilt shop" day and i simply cannot choose just one.  it isn't like there is one closest...that would be marden's....and while there are good deals there, they don't always have what i want or need.  while it's true i sometimes order online, often it IS from a local quilt shop.  this is maine and often it's a trek to get there, so shipping is the economical method.  ****  not exactly enjoying the frigid weather, but at least the roads are dry and clear.  am living in my warmest clothes and sleeping snug under my quilts.  that said, i'm off to put the wool socks and fleece pants on!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

baby emma

now that embroidery is done on christmas wishes, i pulled these fabrics to start the applique on jo morton's "baby emma" wallhanging.  i like to have a small applique project handy to travel with for odd moments.  not all of these will be used, but love those dark cheddary orange fabrics!  the pieces are traced as of now and might get ironed on today, we'll see.  **** in the deep freeze here but it does keep the snow away, so it isn't all bad.  as long as one has plenty of fleece pants, wool socks and comfy quilts, which i do!  *** for keeping warm while TV watching, quilting on the autumn change and also just about done with the little house project.  i made a total of 12, which is enough, but they are so darn cute.  now to get out those socks.....

Monday, January 21, 2013

book recommendation

not often do you see book recommendations here, even though i read regularly for relaxation.  this one i got from oprah's book list and i am so glad i requested it.  written by the daughter of B-movie actor Lyle Talbot, it isn't strictly his story but rather that of the rise of movies in his lifetime, spanning nearly all the 20th century.  there are hysterical tidbits about some notable people in the business plus plenty of historical information about how hollywood came to be the famous movie town it is.  when 3 unknown actresses appeared on his doorstep, director mervyn leroy predicted bette davis would not succeed and joan blondell would be the big star.  and how edison, when shown a preview of the first talkie, was convinced it would never succeed because people loved the drama of the silent movie.  he failed to jump on the bandwagon and was then instrumental in driving moviemakers west to escape his wrath when talkies became standard.  i'm halfway thru and eager to read the rest.  if you like the movies, you might find it interesting as well.  **** sunday spent sewing on little houses and also quilting on autumn change.  oh, and downton abbey of course!  *** seesaw temps are down again this morning, so it's back to wool socks for me!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

about half done

that would be this little christmas wallhanging designed by gail pan.  the patterns got downloaded free back in 2006 for some future time, which appears to be now.  the embroidery part is done, now to piece together and quilt.  thinking about maybe HSTs for the sashing.....thinking, i will let it lounge on the design wall until i'm sure.  now you see why i deconstructed the other christmas piece, for this will take its place.  **** another day off today after an unusually late work night.  there'll be a nap, some chores and quilt-cam with bonnie this afternoon to work on little houses, perhaps finishing the 12 i've planned to make.  then will cut more pieces for the next section of "just takes 2" and later tonight during TV will quilt more on autumn change.  **** yesterday started prepping applique for jo morton's "baby emma" piece, which i soooo love.  idle hands, you know...